WATCH: The Tennessee National Signing Day Event Video

If you haven’t had the chance or the inclination to watch last night’s National Signing Day event, do yourself a favor and carve out some time. I meant to just scroll through to see what was going on but ended up watching nearly the whole thing despite an incredibly busy day on tap.

The main reason to watch is that it’s our first chance to really get to know the staff. Each guy took some time with the microphone and talked not only about the guys they signed in this class but also about their particular roles on the staff and the philosophy they’ll use to accomplish their goals.

Have a look and listen. It’s a recorded stream, so the actual event doesn’t start until about 10 minutes in.

A couple of the most notable highlights:

  • Pruitt likes this class, and he says that every guy they signed fits their criteria, but he was also adamant that this day next year will be different once his guys are given an entire year to work.
  • The Vols still have room and actually aren’t done recruiting for this year’s class.

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