Tennessee Vols offensive stat rankings 2017

Vols weekly stat rankings: a visual of Tennessee’s 2017 descent into madness

Here’s our regular look at the Tennessee Volunteers’ national rankings in all of the various NCAA statistical categories. There’s a reason you’re seeing red.


Tennessee’s offensive stat rankings after Week 8 (click link for full table)

Offensive observations. My goodness, what can you say about that? That would classify as “doing everything poorly,” and a whopping 11 categories are ranked 107th or worse. The trend to red is terrifying, like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.


Tennessee’s defense stat rankings after Week 8 (click link for full table)

Defensive observations. Well, this at least shows that the Georgia Tech game was a bit of an anomaly, a word I can never spell right on the first try. The team’s also better this year than last at allowing passing yards and on first down, so that’s good. Everything else still needs work, even if it’s not the four alarm fire the offense is right now.

Special Teams

Tennessee’s special teams stat rankings after Week 8 (click link for full table)

Special teams observations. Green is good, in case you’ve forgotten. The return game is actually very, very good. Punting is still good. Return coverage is not so good. Moving on.

Turnovers and Penalties

Tennessee’s turnover and penalty stat rankings after Week 8 (click link for full table)

Turnovers and Penalties observations. A whole bunch of whatever here. You might be inclined to say that penalties are not a huge problem (but can be improved), except that it seems like most of the team’s penalties have been at the absolute worst time. And most the turnovers numbers are back to terrible again.

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Pretty obvious to see why some of us are seeing red about this team’s performance. (Look at the colors on the chart.)

Nice work on this, btw.


Oh, the horror!