Tennessee Vols vs. UMass Minutemen: online game-watching party

The Tennessee Volunteers host the UMass Minutemen today at noon in Neyland Stadium. If you can’t be there, be here with like-minded Vols fans. The game’s on the SEC Network.


Get your Guessing Game answers in before noon. Root for the Vols to win and hope for no injuries and lots of young guys. Don’t be shocked to see UMass quarterback Andrew Ford do well, but expect the Vols to make the Minutemen one-dimensional. Collectively, we give Tennessee a 95% chance of winning, and the Vols are 28 point favorites.

Once the Vols game is over, shift to watching the rest of today’s college football slate. You can find our weekly college football TV schedule and rooting guide for Vols fans here, and that will serve as our “other games” thread as well.


  1. Kick-Off Call-In Show says no Jashon Robertson, no Shy Tuttle as precautions today

  2. I may regret this, but if we are going to turn a (good)corner this season this is the game where it starts to really show. UMass gives out sacks like Santa gives presents which should present our offense with favorable field position all day long. The Minutemen do have a skilled quarterback and a couple of decent targets, including arguably the best TE we face all season but are a terrible rushing squad this season with well under 3ypc(2.6) against some bad competition.

    They also give up rushing yards with Coastal Carolina rushing for 321 yards on 47 carries and despite being more successful against the pass haven’t played anyone particularly dangerous passing… Hawaii being the best and they picked up just shy of 400 yards. Throw that on top of an absolutely horrendous kicking game thus far… 0-4 on FGs with three attempts from inside the RZ… and giving up return attempts on 18 of 22 punts and we should own field position.

    The point being that this is the kind of game where we aren’t just more talented by match up extremely well… I don’t want to see a 35-10 win here, I want us to take a FBS team to the absolute woodshed for the first time in years. I want to see our offense end up north of 600 yards, our defense to get at least five sacks and above all I want to see a complete game from whistle to whistle.

  3. Three and out to start.

  4. I wonder if we’ll get some chatter on Shaq Wiggins simply not playing earlier because he was hurt and we weren’t playing competent passing teams.

  5. If JG will set his feet when he throws then please play him. I’m tired of seeing QD throw off his back foot constantly.

  6. Absilutely embarrassing performance so far.

  7. Quiet forum today. I’m assuming everyone is just dumbfounded and speechless.

  8. Enough!!!! I’m going to go play with the dog. At least he’s always ready to play.

  9. Waiting on all the Butch apologist to tell me that UMass is the best 0-4 team in the country

  10. I hope the team came into this game disrespecting UMASS. Having their minds on either that Florida loss or the upcoming UGA game. There is no way that this team was playing focused today. Hopefully it’ll be a wakeup call that if they don’t get their act together that they’re going to get destroyed next week.

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