Tennessee Vols vs. South Carolina Gamecocks: game time, TV channel, and game thread

The Vols, still licking their wounds from a tough night at Alabama last weekend, hope to put it all behind them against South Carolina at home tonight. The game tips at 9:00 and will be televised on ESPNU. Online, you can catch it at WatchESPN.

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Go Vols!



  1. Well, that’s a better start for Kyle Alexander.

  2. Vols look much, much better, as expected so far.

  3. Still close, both teams playing well.

  4. Fans cheering on the effort of the entire team, which is dialed up to 10.

  5. Somehow, the Vols look a lot better, but are still unable to pull away.

  6. Hmm…maybe upgrade me to Mildly Concerned about the Vols.

    I saw some spurts tonight that looked like the Vols of the last month, but there were also large stretches of lackadaisical execution on both ends of the court.

    It’s hard to be unhappy with any win at this point in the season, but that left me feeling wholly uninspired.

    • I guess I took a hit of the NegaVol juice tonight, but also worth noting…

      The game next week against Florida is HUGE for final standing purposes, because here’s the current 1-6 for SEC seeding.

      1. Auburn (10-2)
      2. UT (9-4)
      3. Florida (8-4)
      4. Mizzou (8-5)
      5. Bama (8-5)
      6. Arkansas (7-6)

      UT’s current record against the other members of the top 6? 0-4. There is still very much a scenario where UT stumbles a bit to the finish line and ends up 5th or 6th based on losing a bunch of tiebreakers.

      So…win? K, great, thanks!

      • We need more of the Kentucky at Rupp kind of focus and effort. Lapses all over the place.. .

        When we were up by 10 with 4:27 in 1H (33-23), we didn’t score a FG and went 5-6 from the line. We gave up a three pointer, a dunk and 6 FTs. Half of the FTs came from fouling a 3 point shooter. We let them back in it – 38-34 at the break.

        USC tied it 90 seconds into the 2H at 40-40.

        But we played ball again for 8 min or so and had our largest lead of the game at 61-47 with 10 min left.

        Another serious lapse, saw us give up a 3 point FG, another 3pointer AND a foul for a 5 point possession, plus another jumper. 3 min without scoring made it a 4 point game again 61-57 with 7 min left.

        We got it back to 9 again before another lapse.

        Admiral missed a 3; Turner turned it over; Grant missed; Bowden turned it over; Grant fouled Silva; JD3 turned it over; and, we’re down to 68-67 with a minute left in the game.. So, basically everyone on the floor lost their collective mind and contributed to the meltdown.

        Fortunately, Grant made a bucket and Minaya missed a 3 for the 70-67 win.

        I am really glad that South Carolina is not very good at basketball. We deserved to lose that game. But we’ll take the win.

        Georgia, Florida and Miss State would all beat us with that kind of effort.

        • A throwaway stat from the AP recap worth keeping an eye on…

          This was the 3rd straight game that UT has had a negative A:TO ratio. They’d only done it 3 for the season prior to that.

          Whether that is a symptom of some larger underlying issue, I’m not sure, but the offensive execution has certainly fallen off (down to 36th in KenPom after being top 25-ish most of the year). The team struggles when the ball sticks on offense, and we need to get back to good ball movement on a more consistent basis.

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