Tennessee Vols vs. Georgia Bulldogs: online game-watching party

The Tennessee Volunteers host the the Georgia Bulldogs today at 3:30 in Neyland Stadium. If you can’t be there, this is the second-best place to watch. The game’s on CBS.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely must watch the Peyton Manning video that VFL Films put together:

And there’s also this:

Get your Guessing Game answers in before the game kicks off.

Once the Vols game is over, shift to watching the rest of today’s college football slate. You can find our weekly college football TV schedule and rooting guide for Vols fans here, and that will serve as our “other games” thread as well.


  1. Credit to the defense standing tall after the opening interception.

  2. well, this is brutal.

    i don’t blame the dead silence here 🙁

  3. Need to start Guarantano in the second half. Dormandy looks lost.

  4. Can’t really blame the defense a lot today. Take away the points from turnovers and 14 is a respectable score in the first half. Not to mention the non-existent offense is putting all the pressure on the defense.

  5. Let’s hope there’s some changes over the bye and get this offense fixed. That SC game is going to be important for the future.

  6. wow, even special teams is collapsing

  7. I believe this is going to end up as the largest loss in Neyland stadium history. 🙁

  8. I’m very disappointed. I feel sorry for the guys.

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