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Tennessee Vols Statistical Rankings after Florida

Here’s our weekly update of the Vols’ statistical rankings, after the Florida game.

Offensive observations: The offensive line still seems to be doing a good job of protecting the quarterback. First down, third down, and scoring is . . . okay, but then go south in a hurry.

The most striking thing is that Red Zone Offense has gone from first three weeks ago to 100th this week.


Defensive observations: My mother always taught me that if you can’t say anything nice . . . you move on to special teams.

Special Teams observations: Need to tighten up that punt return and kick return defense, but other than that, high fives all around. And, of course, it’s only now that I realize that field goals isn’t on this list for some reason.

Turnovers and Penalties observations: Okay, decent. Could be better, but not terrible.

Player Rankings

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  1. I love this series of articles.
    Here’s some additional data just compared to our conference:
    John Kelly:
    #1 in total rush yards (349) (PS that’s ~116 yards per game!)
    #1 in Rush TDs (5)
    #1 RB reception yds (191)
    #10 player recep. yds (191)
    #2 RB yds per reception (11.94)
    #2 player in total receptions (16)
    T-3 player in total points (30)
    Conclusion: JK is a total stud.

    #2 in yds per reception (24.75)
    T-3 in TDs (3)
    #9 in Reception Yds (198)

    Team Offense
    #6 in total yards (1206)
    #4 in pass yds (715)
    #4 in points (104)
    #3 in yards per rush (5.34)

    Bituli is #1 in tackles (33)
    Warrior is T-6th tackles (25)
    McDowell and Jumper are # 10 (24)

    Want some ugly numbers?
    Defense: yards allowed per play: UT is tied with Florida for the bottom of the league! T-13th with a whopping 5.95 yards per play.

    Lastly, scoring defense (adjusted to remove special teams points and picks/fumbles for points, ie. pure defense let them score how much?):
    We are 12th in the SEC allowing opponents to score 9 tds on us. (6 on the ground, 3 in the air).

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