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Tennessee Vols at Kentucky Wildcats: game time, TV, and online game-watching party

The Vols travel up the road to Lexington and Rupp Arena looking for a rare road victory and season sweep against the Kentucky Wildcats this evening. The game tips at 7:00 p.m. and will be televised on ESPN. You can catch it online via WatchESPN.

Just in case you’re not quite in the mood yet, this should help:

And while you’re waiting . . .

Our players are more talented than yours, nanananananana.

Tonight, we’re experimenting with including a curated Twitter stream of Tennessee media folks we follow in hopes that filtering out some of the non-game noise will make Twitter less of a distraction and more of a complement to the game. We’ll see how it goes.

See you in the comments below.

Go Vols!


  1. Ain’t no party like a b-ball party….

  2. That double on Williams came from all the way across the court.

  3. Them hitting a three early is not a great sign.

  4. So far, I think we’re getting good shots. Just not hitting them.

  5. I’d imagine Calipari isn’t getting the response from Rupp he wanted at least early.

  6. This kind of reminds me of the Iowa State game. Both teams struggling on offense early. Who solves the problem first and best?

  7. That was a pretty good sell on the part of Williams, I think.

  8. It’s nice not to have to talk a North Carolina bartender into finding the SEC Network.

  9. Wow, Tennessee first to the bonus in Rupp.

  10. UK shot 31% at Mizzou Saturday. They’re in the kind of funk you don’t just come out of all of a sudden (I hope).

  11. Great job by Admiral to go right back at him.

  12. What a masterful time out

  13. Gritty games require gritty players. Lamonte Turner is our grittiest player. Grant Williams too.

  14. Well, I’ll take any lead at the half, however weird.

  15. So . . . verdict/feedback on the embedded Twitter timeline?

  16. So now both offenses are finding their groove. UT’s defense should recover first, right?

  17. That was probably a make up because that call against Williams before it was terrible.

  18. Coming down to crunch time. Schofield not hitting shots, but he’s playing hard. Need to stop the dribble drive into the lane, which is the main thing, I think.

  19. Now if I could only filter out Dickie V.

  20. UT came ready to battle. Lets see if they can close it out. Good second half.

  21. Regardless of outcome, big vote of confidence for Yves Pons here in crunch time

  22. The box score is virtually identical in almost every stat

  23. Defense and transition ball. Awesome. Hold on guys!

  24. That was awesome. Huge win. GO VOLS!

  25. I have so many WOOs for this!!!!!!


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