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Tennessee Vols at Alabama Crimson Tide: game time, TV channel, and online game-watching party

Coming off a stellar win and sweep-completing win at Rupp Arena Tuesday night, No. 15 Tennessee now takes its six-game winning streak on the road to Alabama this evening. The game tips at 6:00 and will be televised on the SEC Network. Online, you can catch it at WatchESPN.

While you’re waiting, have a listen to Will on Sports 180 with Josh Ward and Will West yesterday:

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Go Vols!



  1. Rough start for the Vols so far. Alabama driving into the lane regularly.

  2. Slow start on offense not really new for Tennessee, but allowing Alabama this many points this early is surprising. It doesn’t seem to be just that Bama is hitting tough shots, either. Hopefully, they can figure it out.

  3. Defense much better that segment.

  4. How long has it been since Schofield has hit a three?

  5. I tuned in late. That sweet twitter feed helped me catch back up..

  6. Defense in the lane is just not very good tonight.

  7. There we go, Admiral with a three.

  8. I miss when “long” guys were called tall. 🙁

  9. I’d love to know how 37 points for an opponent at the half compares to the rest of the season.

  10. The good news? Alabama is not shooting very well from three. Cut out the easy points from driving to the bucket and UT can still win this.

  11. That was one ugly turn around.

  12. They seem to have twice as much energy. That’s not the only problem, but it’s a big one.

  13. I think matchup zone is a good move. This is not a great outside shooting team. They have shown they can beat us off the dribble and pass. Make them shoot over us.

  14. Good to see someone at least attempt to take a charge.

  15. So I just checked in. What the heck is happening? Do you think the pressure got to them?

  16. Not the Vols’ night.

    Have a good one, y’all.

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