Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt’s introductory press conference live stream

Tennessee will be holding a press conference to officially welcome new head coach Jeremy Pruitt this evening at 6:05. The video stream is embedded below so we GRTers can watch it and talk about it right here. I’ll be doing my best to paraphrase on the fly in the comment section below for anyone who’s not able to watch the video.

Brad will be along shortly after the press conference concludes with his recap and thoughts, and then he, Will, and I will be recording a live-streamed podcast starting at 8:30.

So, watch for all of that here tonight. It’s been a good day on Rocky Top, and even better days are ahead.


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Andrew Cooper

I’m encouraged without even hearing from him. It sounds like he already had a plan in place given how fast he started putting together a staff.


Hmmm Bev is really taking this on herself. I’m surprised she’s even up there today. Kinda dangerous. If Pruitt doesn’t work out, she may be viewed as sharing in the blame.


“Anything you expect I expect better. I expect everything better than you. A’ight?”- Jeremy Pruitt