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Tennessee-Alabama online game-watching party

The Tennessee Volunteers travel to Tuscaloosa today to take on the vaunted #1 Alabama Crimson Tide at 3:30. It’s the CBS Game of the Week.

Alabama is reportedly now a 37-point favorite. They have more talent. They have better coaching. Every number that matters is crimson.

But take heart. Be of good courage. Show some effort. Care.

It’s time to show the right kind of pride in Tennessee football.

Go Vols.

Oh say, can you see?


  1. Pre-game checklist.
    Sharp objects removed from TV Viewing area. Check.
    Pad wrapped around remote to prevent ancillary damage. Check.
    Back up remote (with batteries this time) unboxed, padded up, and tested. Check.

    Let dog outside to avoid kicking beloved animal by mistake Check.
    Send small children and wife to engage in other activities outside the house. Check.

    Repent of asking gloating Bama fans on Twitter if they also enjoy frying ants with magnifying glasses & abusing small animals.
    Thorough Twitter search for latest #Grumors. 24/7

    Wings, refreshments and other tailgate items consumed before appetite is lost. In Progress.
    Suspend expectations for sound play calling, in-game adjustments and solid coaching decisions. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
    Remind self that I am a walking pile of grace and that I will need grace in a big way after the game. Same Errry-day.

    Celebrate being a part of history – worst loss to Bama in the series history. Nope. Too soon.

    Wait anxiously for tonight’s post-game announcement on the inevitable coaching change while watching the Grizzlies get manhandled by the Golden State Warriors. Ahh, something to look forward to.

  2. Live report from Tuscaloosa: there’s no juice for this game. Bama fans are 0% concerned.

    I wish I believed we could compete today…I just don’t :-/

  3. Dang it Vols… hit’em in the mouth and keeping hitting… never give up!!! Go Vols!

  4. If my math is correct Bama is on pace to score 97 points this game

  5. Hey, look at that. It’s a first. down. 🙂

  6. Excellent punt and coverage. Can’t do it better.

  7. Man, that is so discouraging. Have four guys hit him at two yards, and the pile moves for a first down.

  8. man, what have they done to daniels?

  9. Gaulden got beat on that play, but recovered well to break it up.

  10. Hey, look. We forced another punt.

    Also, if you take out the Georgia Tech game, Tennessee’s run defense per game number is only 184. Still not great, but not what it is with the GT game.

  11. Oh, look. Another first down.

  12. Coleman Thomas just got ruined on that play.

  13. and they let them escape. that was an impressive catch tho

  14. I wish there was a stat for that. We’d be #1.

  15. i will say that I’ve become more impressed with our defense. I really think that Shoop can do the job there if he is given his player and is allowed to do his thing. It makes me wonder if Jones had him constrained like most people think Jones has done on the offensive side.

    And further, that makes me want to give Shoop a shot as interim if they go that route after this game

  16. I get Bama keeping the ball, but the ball placement seems completely wrong

  17. That was a big moment. Could have been three stops in a row for the Vols, but now Alabama’s at first and goal at the one. Hands to the face by Kongbo really hurt.

  18. penalties are killing any little momentum they get

  19. Kongbo is doing the hands to the face thing regularly.

  20. That was either the wrong play call on defense or McKenzie getting out of his gap.

  21. Yikes, that was a huge shot Guarantano took in the last play.

  22. i missed my points….had a hard debate between 1st and 3rd for the TD 🙁

  23. HEY! Kelly for the score!

    Feel good for him!

  24. stupid stupid running into the returner before the ball gets there

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