SEC Tournament Championship TV channel, tip time, and online game-watching party

The Vols will play for their first SEC Tournament Championship since 1979 at 1:00 today against Kentucky. ESPN has the broadcast.


Game info

Go Vols! I’ll be in the game thread as soon as I finish my pizza. 🙂



  1. Go Vols!! Beat UK and cut the nets down!

  2. You really get a lot of preliminaries when ESPN doesn’t have anything else to show at 1 in the afternoon.

  3. Well, it’s still the SEC tournament.

  4. Well, I enjoyed my pizza a lot more than the first half of the first half. Hope is not lost, but they need to fix a lot of things quickly.

  5. Kentucky is 52% from the field. Tennessee is 20%.

  6. They have four guys with two fouls. None of our guys has more than one.

  7. I wonder if a game like this is good or bad for the NCAA tournament. It seems like it’s good to get more experience against these kinds of elite players and in this kind of game, but I suppose you also don’t won’t to wear the team out.

  8. Admiral is so fun to watch. He’s put this team on his absurd shoulders.
    Also, I wouldn’t want to be in the locker room after Barnes makes a promise like that… I expect a better product in the second half

  9. Two quick fouls in the post against the Vols to start.

  10. Yes. Great start to the second half.

  11. Okay, yeah. Vitale is overdoing it a bit, even for him.

  12. Kentucky is the protagonist of every broadcast.

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