• In looking at the two weakest positions on the 2018 team coming out of spring practice – the OL and Cornerback – I’ve made it clear that I think that while the team is not in any position to compete for title […]

  • Tennessee picked up a big commitment on Tuesday from borderline 5-star OL Wanya Morris from Grayson, HS in Georgia.  Morris picked the Vols over fellow finalist Auburn after a back and forth recruitment.  He’s a t […]

  • After a successful recruiting weekend for the Orange & White Game that brought in a slew of high level 2019 and 2020 prospects, Tennessee heads into the month of May with a 2019 class that is relatively small on […]

  • Coming out of the spring, the 2018 Tennessee football team looks like it certainly has some talent on the roster, but depth at most positions and overall attitude (expecting to win, being willing to compete on […]

  • Coming out of the spring, the 2018 Tennessee football team looks like it certainly has some talent on the roster, but depth at most positions and overall attitude (expecting to win, being willing to compete on […]

  • Going into the 2018 Orange and White Game the Tennessee Volunteers currently sit with four commitments for the class of 2019 and one commitment for the class of 2020.  And while the commitments have certainly […]

  • From Thursday to Sunday there were some relatively significant developments for the Tennessee Basketball program, all of which were positive: 1) News broke that end of the rotation guard Chris Darrington would be […]

  • The Ringer has a really interesting piece about how while there are very few future NBA players in the Final Four, all four teams are running NBA systems (i.e., spreading the floor with virtually all five players […]

    • The Vols didn’t lose to Loyola because we relied too much on 2-pointers while Loyola beat us from 3. Look at the stats. We only had 4 games all season with a higher number of 3PT attempts than the Loyola game. We hit a decent percentage of them (36% or eFG 54%). We were 16 of 30 on 2PT attempts for 53.3%. We were indifferent whether we pursued 2 pointers or 3 pointers.

      So how did we do compared to Loyola? On 2 pt FG, we made 16 vs. Loyola’s 14. We had 1 more made 3 than they did (9-8).

      We lost the Loyola game because we turned the ball over more (17-9) and because Loyola had more 8 more made FTs due to the extra possessions (11-16 vs. 3-6).

      Barnes’ end-of-season comments are dead on. We need guards who have a better feel for the game. We need fewer turnovers at critical points in the game (killing our rallies or giving them extra possessions). We need consistency.

      I’d also argue we need guards who have the courage and maturity to take and make the big shots. Too often, we looked scared to take the shot at the end of the shot clock this season.

      We missed the game winner at Loyola and they made it. Ironically, Loyola’s game winner was a 2-pointer; the Vols miss was a 3-pointer….

      • Without having read this, I wrote a rebuttal to most of these arguments on Will’s article 😛

        The issue is less the proportion of 2s versus 3s and more the type of 2s and the type of 3s. The Vols only having 6 FTA on 30 2PA tells me they were largely settling for mid-range jump shots (or that Grant can never get a call, or both). Contrast that with Loyola having 16 FTA on 20 2PA, and it’s clear they likely spent more time driving/cutting to the basket.

        Admiral’s late season effectiveness notwithstanding, the 15-18 foot jumper is, objectively, not a great shot. If there’s a way to replace those with shots at the basket or decent looks at 3s, that’s likely to improve offensive efficiency.

        Also, I’ve got TOs being not a huge issue against Loyola with only 6 or 7, depending on your source. In a low tempo game, the slightly more efficient team just barely won out.

  • Looking at Tennessee’s projected roster for the 2018-2019 basketball season, it is truly striking how young the team is and therefore how much improvement can be expected. Further illustrating that fact is that a […]

  • After observing a personal 24-hour rule and mourning not only the actual season-ending loss to Loyola but the missed opportunity it represented, it’s time to look at next season’s roster and forecast how the tea […]

    • Pete replied 2 months ago

      You can add box out and consistent rebounding to the list for everyone. They all CAN rebound well for their size but do they exhibit the consistent WANT TO rebound. When we moved the ball, had intensity about us on defense, finished the possessions with the aforementioned rebound, did the little things (50/50 balls) and had some intelligence about shot selection/fundamentals in passing, we won. Please text this link to each of the players involved and the coaching staff. I’m pretty sure Barnes and crew have a list at least this long for the guys, but hearing it from a knowledgeable UT fan site couldn’t hurt.

  • After a thrilling SEC Tournament run that ended in a fun to watch but hard to take 77-72 loss to Kentucky, the Vols will kick off what could potentially be a magical NCAA Tournament run on Thursday against Wright […]

  • Thanks Pete, really glad you enjoyed. I’ll be working to do more Hoops recruiting updates, but you’re right that the info is simply harder to come by.

  • It’s hard not to be incredibly excited about Tennessee Basketball right now.  Heading into the SEC Tournament after an SEC championship and a 23-7 finish that will likely earn the Volunteers a 3-seed at a mi […]

    • This is a GREAT recruiting recap for the Vols basketball team. Everyone writes about the football recruits, so those updates should be relatively easy. No one writes about the Hoops Recruits (yet), so this represents some work. Nicely done.

      Since we are a basketball school now, I hope other sites get on the bandwagon. You’ve given them a good head start.

      • Thanks Pete, really glad you enjoyed. I’ll be working to do more Hoops recruiting updates, but you’re right that the info is simply harder to come by.

  • Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,

    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;

    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,

    But there is no […]

  • Yesterday we took a look at easily the best position of the 2018 class, the Defensive Line, a nice companion piece to the post-Early Signing Day look at the overall DL.  Next up is a look at Linebacker, which […]

  • Although Tennessee struck out on most of its elite targets on National Signing Day, the Vols absolutely met their needs and then some on the Defensive Line.  Needing to stock the DL corps with more depth and […]

  • This is it.  The final weekend before Coach Jeremy Pruitt’s first signing class puts pen to paper.  And not surprisingly there is still a ton up in the air with merely days to go, which makes this final wee […]

    • You do an excellent job of providing, thorough, quality information, on a part of keeping up with my favorite college team (recruiting) that I don’t have much time for (nor care to give it more). And yet, if I am honest, I’m like anyone else, I get excited for the potential that recruiting stars and stories bring to the vawls! Thanks for helping me enjoy this part of UT football and keep up the good work!

  • With 8 days to National Signing Day, there is a still a TON up in the air to determine how Tennessee and new coach Jeremy Pruitt will finish off its inaugural signing class.  As we recently discussed, the Vols […]

  • When new Coach Jeremy Pruitt and his new blockbuster recruiting staff first took over, they threw a whole lot of offers out and cast an incredibly wide net.  Taking advantage of existing relationships across not […]

  • As we noted in the weekend preview, the Vols were set to welcome an interesting set of visitors to the Hill this past weekend.  As we also discussed, many of Tennessee’s top targets were on official visits el […]

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