Gameday on Rocky Top Guessing Game

Marietta Vol takes first place in the 2017 GRT Guessing Game

Mushrooms, bananas, bolts, and blue shells all have a say in the final round of the 2017 Gameday on Rocky Top Guessing Game, but skill wins out in the end.

Thanks to everyone for playing this season. Play by play below.

Top 10 as of the end of last week


Round 1

Q: Which team hits 20 points first? (20-40 points)

A: Vanderbilt (20 points)

Due to Evan’s bolt in the last round last week, nobody but him had a shot at this one. And he missed it. No points for nobody!

Mushrooms: Raven17 and itsNickJ

Bananas: Marietta Vol and me, picking up right where I left off last week

Blue shells and bolts: The blue shell moves, and is now within one spot of the target. Who is it? Raven17, who just moved into the lead thanks to her mushroom and Marietta Vol’s banana. Also, MitchellK draws a thunderbolt.

Top 10 after Rounds 1:


Round 2

Q: Who wins and by how much? (10-30 points)

A: Vanderbilt, by 8 or more (18)

Due to MitchellK’s bolt last round, everybody’s disqualified from this question. No matter. Nobody got it right anyway.

Mushrooms: LTVol99 and Josh Farrar

Bananas: MitchellK and yes, me, again

Blue shells and bolts: The blue shell blows up Raven17, putting Marietta Vol back into the lead. ItsNickJ throws another blue shell, but it’s harmless because there is no time for it to reach the front now.

Top 10 after Round 2:


Round 3

Q: Which is greater, Vanderbilt’s rushing yards or Vanderbilt’s passing yards? (20 points)

A: Vanderbilt’s passing yards (20 points) (283 – 246)

Four players get this right, including the leader, Marietta Vol.

Mushrooms: Fatso and Josh Farrar

Bananas: Daetilus and Josh Farrar

Blue shells and bolts: Harmless blue shell is harmless, and Marietta Vol coasts across the finish line.

Final Top 10:


Full table

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Dave S

This was the only thing I played for this year, given the down year. 6th place is respectable.

Brenna Williams

Marietta Vol got me on the last round. I guess I’m just too much of an optimist.

Sam Hensley

This was fun! One suggestion on the game for next year: what about having a lightning bolt cut the point totals in half for everyone on the next question instead of totally negating the next question for everyone? It’s just a thought. Thanks for running the game. Like I said, I had a lot of fun.