Admiral Schofield

March Madness: Tennessee vs. Wright State TV channel, tip time, and online game-watching party

The Vols open NCAA Tournament play at 12:40 p.m. ET today against the Wright State Raiders. TruTV has the broadcast, so if you’re not watching online or casting to your big screen, you’d better start looking for the channel number now.

While you’re waiting, check out today’s roundup of hype videos and game previews.

Game info

Go Vols!


  1. It’s time for the big dance! Take control of the floor and bust some moves, basketVols!

  2. I’m enjoying the coverage and everything, but it’s odd hearing “Lamont Turner” and “my favorite player, Admiral Shofield.” 🙂

  3. Alexander in some pain. Hope he’s okay.

  4. I like that graphic that they show going to commercial. All you can see is the school colors in the bracket, but it shows well the schools that were bold enough to go with something other than blue or red. Shoutout to the oranges and greens of the world.

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like a really sleepy game. Not that they aren’t playing well, just that it seems like nothing’s happening.

  6. Whoa. I only saw that for a second, but it looks like that dude got stabbed.

  7. Good win for the Vols. On to Saturday.

  8. Slow start and still win by 25! Survive and advance!

    Go Vols!

  9. Update from Vegas: the shoes are still undefeated!

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