Greg Schiano

Initial reaction to unofficial Schiano report includes a decommit and attention from state representatives

Tennessee hiring Greg Schiano as its next head coach is still an unofficial report at this time, but there has already been extreme reaction.

Former Vols commit 4-star cornerback Jaycee Horn has decommitted:

At least two Tennessee state reps have also weighed in on the matter, including Jeremy Faison:

Jason Zachary has gone one step further and actually tried to get John Currie’s attention, presumably via something other than social media:

As I said, this is all reaction to an as-yet unofficial report. If the administration was floating this as a trial balloon, I think they have their answer.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a potential hire be so immediately rejected by a fanbase. No matter the sport.

Isaac Bishop

Surely Currie will reconsider. With Peyton’s bad relationship with Schiano it about proves that Currie made this decision on his own without making the usual committee. I think he should suck it up and ask for help.

Bruce Maples

Currie did not make this decision on his own; this is a Haslam decision. Haslam wanted Schiano for his pro team, and didn’t get him. I think Currie was told to interview Schiano.

Isaac Bishop

So how bad would it look if the opposition causes either Tennessee or Schiano backs out? I hate this decision, but would this hurt our chances with other candidates?

Oleg Zeltser

So I wonder who the coach will be 3 years from now because Schiano will never break the 7 win mark as the the head coach of UT.

This is so Tennessee its not even funny. There is not another school that wants him as their head coach.

If he is our next HC we will be fighting with UK every year he is here for 4th spot in the east