Guessing Game Results: Georgia Tech

Thanks to everyone who played our Guessing Game last week. GoVols365 and PaVol took an early lead thanks to the mushrooms, and then Will Shelton took sole possession of the lead in the second round thanks to being one of the few to guess that Jarrett Guarantano wouldn’t play (and also thanks to a mushroom).

But Fatso ends up with a two-point lead at the end of the day after Will fell prey to his optimism on the question of whether the Vols would hold Georgia Tech to less than their average rushing yards from last season.

The full results are below.

This week’s questions will go up sometime Friday.

Round 1

Q: Which true quarterback takes the first snap? (1-3 points)

A: Quinten Dormady

In a historical feat of remarkable collective prescience, every single player got the answer to the first question correct, except for Jarrett Guarantano, who didn’t play. But his time is coming.

Mushrooms: GoVols365 and PaVol

Bananas: RockyTopinKY and vfl_mks

Blue shells and bolts: None

Top 10 after Round 1:

Round 2

Q: At which point does another true quarterback get his first snap at quarterback? (2-10 points)


Shocking twist afoot.

Mushrooms: Will Shelton and GoVols365

Bananas: Drew and Dave Strunk

Blue shells and bolts: None!

Top 10 after Round 2:

Round 3

Q: Georgia Tech averaged 258.1 rushing yards per game last year. How many do they get against the Vols Monday night? (3 points)

A: 258 or more (a LOT more!)

Mushrooms: Dave Strunk and . . . Dave Strunk

Bananas: Jayyyy and charles matthews

Blue shells and bolts: None!!

Top 10 after Round 3:

Full table

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  1. Phew! Those mushrooms saved me this week! Thanks guys.

  2. freaking bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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