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GoVols247: Sources report that Butch Jones’ “fate has been decided”

GoVols247 is reporting that, according to its sources, Tennessee football head coach Butch Jones’ “fate has been decided, with only the timing and the announcement of his firing to be settled.”

According to the report, Jones and athletic director John Currie met Sunday to discuss the future of the program. The plan is reportedly to have Jones coach this week against Southern Miss, “barring any unforeseen developments,” but a decision has already been made. The timing of the official public announcement is not known at this time.



  1. The sooner the better. This season is lost and I doubt anyone cares about maybe going to the Birmingham Bowl if we win 6. Lets bring stability to the recruiting class before it is to late

    • You may be right regarding timing (there are a lot of factors to consider) but I’d disagree about the bowl. While in and of themselves bowls (esp. lousy bowls) are not worth much, but they offer a team like ours some much needed practice time. If you’re not bowling you’re falling behind. So we need to give our next coach the opportunity to work with these guys early or, if the hiring is slow, at least bequeath him a program that had those extra reps.

  2. If the powers that be fire Jones and it becomes obvious that we don’t have a better option already available, then I’ll say that we’re foolish and didn’t learn anything from Fulmer’s firing. I get that the writing is on the wall. Given that the problems this season are pretty much all on the coaches the decision isn’t even unjustified. However, if we hire another Kiffin or Dooley instead of backing and sticking with Jones, that’d be idiocy. I hope Currie and the money folks are smarter than that or we’ll be wandering in the wilderness again. Maybe for another decade or two.

  3. I kept looking at my phone this weekend awaiting the inevitable. What happens? Florida moves forward before we do. Weird.
    I’ve said it before, Butch has been to rigid with his coordinators and then he hired some really bad ones. He truly believes he has the book on football and follows it word by word.

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