Gameday Today: Vols’ National Signing Day recap

The general consensus on National Signing Day for the Vols is that although the day was a bit of a clunker, Tennessee still ended up with a good class, especially along the defensive line.

Here are the guys the Vols signed yesterday:

The Vols were in the running for several others but just couldn’t reel them in. Here’s a list of everybody who was on Tennessee’s board yesterday morning and where they ended up.

If you want to risk it, we also have a Twitter timeline of just the guys who were on the board yesterday so you can see what they’re saying this morning.

If you haven’t yet watched the Vols’ National Signing Day event, you should. It’s not just an opportunity to hear more about the new guys in the Class of 2018, it’s an opportunity to get to know the almost entirely new coaching staff. You’ll be glad you did.


Jimmy Dykes mentions the phrase “1-seed” when asked about the Vols:

And VFL Josh Richardson had a career night:


  1. We’re only two games back from Auburn now. With a win over Bama we have a good chance to run the tables. Although Mississippi State is a silent threat and it’s never wise to sleep on Florida. Winning the SEC regular season would be huge.

    • I’m not suggesting we should just be shooting for the tie…but you still get to add an SEC title to the banner if you tie for first, right?

      In that case, we’re only 1 game out of first. I understand we won’t get the 1 seed, but still.

  2. Good (and planned all along, I’m sure) timing on the Jackson Lampley commitment today. I find it hard to believe that he ever considered NOT coming here, but maybe that’s how far we’ve fallen. At any rate, good start for the 2019 class.

  3. YES SIR.

    Chris Low‏Verified account
    The traditionalists in the Tennessee fan base will be happy. Jeremy Pruitt told me the Vols won’t be breaking out the alternate “Smokey Gray” uniforms while he’s the coach. He said they would wear orange and white.

    3:26 PM – 8 Feb 2018

  4. Haven’t y’all heard? Tennessee is a basketball school now. Look at what Coach Rick Barnes is doing with a bunch of 3* kids.

  5. Also Tennessee baseball was projected 13th of 14 teams by the SEC this year.

    Sound familiar? 🙂

    (Eh.. we’ll probably still suck in baseball)

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