Gameday Today: Hoops continues to build steam


If you haven’t ever watched a Rick Barnes press conference, you really should take the time to do it. He’s super casual, funny, insightful, and refreshingly open and honest about everything. Here’s a taste:

Speaking of refreshing, check out Admiral Schofield’s interview with the SEC Network after the A&M game Saturday night:

Dude looks like he could absolutely wreck you physically and sounds like he could dominate you at debate club. Love this guy.

Not to be outdone, Grant Williams made this list of performances of the week thanks to his 37 points against Vandy:

And the #6 Lady Vols beat #9 South Carolina 86-70 thanks in part to a double-double from senior Mercedes Russell.


Lots of visitors on campus this weekend, but no real news on any commits resulting from it just yet.

Former Tennessee commit Matthew Flint recently explained his earlier decommitment saying that he “never quit” on Tennessee. Sounds like a victim of coaching change.

One of the few bright spots of the 2017 football season, offensive lineman Trey Smith got some love at the basketball game on Saturday:

And hey, Alabama is not only looking for a new defensive coordinator to replace Jeremy Pruitt, they are now also looking for a new offensive coordinator to replace Brian Daboll, who took a job with the NFL’s Bills after only one season with Nick Saban. If you’re thinking they’re going to have any trouble finding two awesome coordinators, you’re probably wrong. Sigh.

Oh, and Georgia looks like they’re going to be trouble for at least another couple of years. Sigh again.

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