Gameday Today: Brace for extra doses of Maxim 1

In today’s Vols link roundup, we’re bracing for an extra dose of Maxim 1 the next 10 days, finding more hope in the secondary, and more.

Turning attention to Georgia Tech

With the Yellow Jackets playing that wicked flexbone triple option thing that focuses most of its energy on the running game, and with the Vols beginning to transition to game-week prep, Butch Jones is harping on the D in DAT stuff:

“Football is very difficult and we have to be a team that doesn’t beat itself and it all starts with the small details and communication when you’re out there,” Jones said. “We have to continue to demand it because we’re building habits. You’re going to rely on your training when we get to Monday night playing against a very talented Georgia Tech football team. We have to continue to demand, our older players need to demand from the younger players and vice versa. They’ve done that, but there’s a whole level of mental intensity and mental effort that comes into preparing for game week as well.”

That all appears to be a non-concise way of yelling, “MAXIM 1, GUYS!” to make sure your team isn’t the one that makes the most mistakes. Any missed opportunity against a team that eats clock like Joey Chestnut eats hot dogs is compounded by the decreased ability to make up for it, so expect Jones to emphasize mistake-free football at every opportunity for the next 10 days.

And that’s not the only detail on which Jones is harping, either. He’s also focused on making sure his players protect their assets:

“Again, them being accountable to each other for getting the sleep, the hydration, the nutrition and then coming to progress after a long day of classes.”

As much as I want to make a joke about everyone needing sleep, water, and food, I won’t. I’m sure Jones means he wants them to sleep enough, keep hydrated enough, and eat the right things instead of the wrong things, and I’m glad he’s focused on it.

Meanwhile, the defense is spending a great deal of time preparing to defeat cut blocks. Man, I’ll be glad when that game is out of the way.

Secondary getting stronger

There’s been some good news in the secondary for the Vols. Even though transfer Shaq Wiggins remains out with an injury, the coaches are optimistic that he’ll be back before the first game. Add to that that Emmanuel Moseley, who wore a limited-contact green jersey all of preseason camp, is finally full-go. And add to both of those things that freshman Shawn Shamburger continues to draw praise from the coaching staff, so much so that he’s at least in the two-deep and possibly even pushing the presumed starters.

It’s probably understating it to say that the secondary had some issues last fall, so if the unit actually improves like it sounds like it is, it could make a dramatic difference.

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