Gameday Today: When Al Wilson gets hyped, it’s time to get hyped


We are (probably!) under 100 days (or so!) away from football season!

When Al Wilson gets hyped, it’s time to get hyped. And Al Wilson is hyped about the return of Phillip Fulmer and the arrival of Jeremy Pruitt.

News Flash. An anonymous opposing coach tells Lindy’s that Butch Jones didn’t do a good job last year. If I was still 14, I would say, “Duh.” If I was 8, I’d say, “A-doy.”

Good news. Brad thinks that the lack of expected post-coaching-change attrition may signal that the players currently on Tennessee’s roster actually want to be coached.

A year early, but we’ll take it. Jimmy Hyams hits the gas by reminding Vols fans of the first-year-to-second-year jumps at LSU by Nick Saban, at Alabama by Saban, with Mark Richt and Kirby Smart at Georgia, and Bob Stoops at Oklahoma. He then slams on the brakes:

But you wonder if Saban or Richt or Stoops or Smart faced at their new schools what Pruitt faces at Tennessee.


Saturday Down South asks Pruitt some interesting questions, including his thoughts on how recruiting has changed recently and which positions he thinks have the best opportunity for early playing time.

Coach Pruitt continues to Say Stuff during his Big Orange Caravan Tour, and he’s apparently making more of an effort to not rub fans the wrong way.

Also this: GoVols247 is ranking the entire Tennessee roster. Here’s Nos. 45-31. . . . The Vols have hired VFL CJ Fayton as Director of VFL Programming.


Tennessee’s basketball team will play Gonzaga in Phoenix on December 9 this fall. It should be a good one, as the Vols are No. 3 in Gary Parrish’s preseason Top 25 and Gonzaga is No. 5. Tennessee is also likely to host either Kansas (No. 1) or West Virginia (No. 17) in this season’s Big 12/SEC Challenge.

Awwww. Admiral Schofield got up at 4:00 a.m. to watch the royal wedding with his mother.

Other fun stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, Terry Fair:

Tennessee is winning at APR.

SB Nation has everything you need to know about the recent Supreme Court ruling on sports betting.

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