Gameday on Rocky Top Guessing Game Results: Indiana State

In this week’s Guessing Game, Will Shelton (and charles matthews) hog all the mushrooms, but lose ground anyway, as Fatso extends his lead. Four other players have solid performances in Week 2 as well, including Dave Strunk and Sam, who both go from right near the bottom to right near the top.

The full results are below. This week’s questions will go up sometime Friday.

Top 10 as of the end of last week


Round 1

Q: At which point does the second true quarterback get his first snap at quarterback? (2-10 points)

A: First quarter (4 points); First half (2 points)

Three players got the safe two points for guessing the first half, and six others got the full four points for guessing the first quarter.

Mushrooms: Will Shelton and charles matthews

Bananas: Rockytop01 and Displaced_Vol_Fan

Blue shells and bolts: None

Top 10 after Round 1:


Round 2

Q: The Vols allowed 535 rushing yards last week. How many do they allow this week?

A: 101-150 (122)

A whopping 15 players get this right and get five points for it.

Mushrooms: Marietta Vol and Rockytop01

Bananas: Evan and LTVol99

Blue shells and bolts: None!

Top 10 after Round 2:


Round 3

Q: Who is the first Vol to catch a pass from a Tennessee QB?

A: Brandon Johnson (5 points)

Only two players got this right: Dave Strunk and Sam.

Mushrooms: Will Shelton and charles matthews (hey, wait a minute . . . how did that happen?)

Bananas: Fatso and vfl_mks

Blue shells and bolts: No blue shells, but Alyas Grey draws a thunderbolt. The next question belongs to him and only him.

Top 10 after Round 3:


Full table

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Will Shelton

That “pass” to Ty Chandler was ruled a run BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sam Hensley

I was wondering about that. Works for me!!!

Dave S

Woo! I was feeling Brandon Johnson this week. “I’d like to thank God, my family, my producer, my fellow actors…”

Brenna Williams

Well, at least I’m not in last place…