College Football TV Schedule and Rooting Guide for Vols fans: Week 9

This week of college football features a night game for the Vols and a Saturday afternoon filled with a ton of bright shiny objects for Tennessee fans.

Here’s the Week 9 college football TV schedule, curated for Vols fans. It includes kickoff times, TV stations, and what might be of interest to a Vols fan. It also includes helpful suggestions on how to watch everything most efficiently and who to root for in each game.

The full schedule for the entire weekend is also included at the bottom of the post.

Go Vols!

Thursday, October 26


Hey, it’s Thursday, and the weekend’s football is starting. Be there.

Friday, October 27


If you’re feeling down in the dumps this season, have a look at Florida State. That grass is browner. And here’s to wishing former Vol Riley Ferguson success.

Gameday, October 28

It seems like forever since we Vols fans have had a night game, but pace yourself, because there are a lot of games on tap today, especially in the afternoon time slot.


Noon slot


Afternoon slot

My goodness, there’s a lot of interesting shiny objects to look at here for Vols fans. First, there’s the Cocktail Party, between two teams we both want to lose even though it wouldn’t matter. Then there are two big national games, NC State at Notre Dame and Penn State at Ohio State. And finally, two games featuring future opponents and a game featuring UCF, which we’re suddenly interested in for some reason.

Evening slot

Go Vols, and when we’re done, go Yellow Jackets.

Complete college football TV schedule for Week 9

And here’s the complete schedule for the week, paginated and searchable!

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