College Football TV Schedule and Rooting Guide for Vols fans: Week 3

In addition to the Vols-Gators game as the SEC Game of the Week on CBS at 3:30, there’s a lot of opportunity for Vols fans to scout out Tennessee’s future opponents this week. Thursday matters not at all to Vols fans, but you can ease into your weekend with an early scout of Tennessee’s next opponent on Friday night.

Saturday at noon, you have an opportunity to either increase or decrease your anxiety about the Gators by watching Michigan take on Air Force, and then it’s go time for Tennessee-Florida at 3:30. Regardless of your mood after the game, the evening provides an opportunity to bounce around among several future opponents of the Vols, plus a big national game between #3 Clemson and #14 Louisville.

Here’s the Week 3 college football TV schedule, curated for Vols fans. The full schedule as at the bottom of the post.

Thursday, September 14


Thursday night’s a good opportunity to put some honey-do credit in the bank if you need it, as no Vols fan really cares much one way or the other about New Mexico or Boise State. But if you’re not doing anything else, why not?

Friday, September 15


Friday is a good opportunity to get a first look at UMass, who, if you haven’t realized it, comes to Neyland next week. It will help you look good next week at the office when you can name drop a couple of Minuteman players.

Gameday, September 16

And then it’s Gameday.


So, the main event on Saturday is the Vols-Gators game, of course. But beyond that, let me ask you a few questions you can answer in the comments:

  • How do you want Michigan to look against Air Force?
  • How do you want future SEC East opponents Georgia, Missouri, and Vanderbilt to look against non-conference competition?
  • Same question, but for SEC West opponents Alabama and LSU.
  • Between South Carolina and Kentucky, we’re rooting for Kentucky to pull off the upset, right?

Complete college football TV schedule for Week 3

And here’s the complete schedule for the week, paginated and searchable!

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Isaac Bishop

I hope UK wins this week. I’m already tired of hearing SC fans proclaiming themselves as the East champs before any other contender has played a conference game.


Thanks for the great guide…
1. Want Michigan win big to boost our win over Florida
2. Want all SEC Teams (East and West) to look strong and win big vs. non-conference foes… SEC, SEC, SEC!
3. Hope Kentucky whips SC to bring them back down to earth.

Go Vols!! Grill those Gators!!