College Football TV Schedule and Rooting Guide for Vols fans: Week 5

The Tennessee Volunteers have to take care of business against the Georgia Bulldogs at 3:30 on Saturday. Assuming they do, there are some other games that will be important to the rest of the season as well, most notably Vanderbilt traveling to Florida.

Here’s the Week 5 college football TV schedule, curated for Vols fans. It includes kickoff times, TV stations, and what’s at stake in each game from the perspective of a Vols fan. It also includes helpful suggestions on how to watch everything most efficiently and who to root for in each game.

The full schedule for the entire weekend is also included at the bottom of the post.

Go Vols!

Thursday, September 28


Cows vs. corn? I’m going with the cows.

Friday, September 29


I know we Vols fans have a storehouse of affection for David Cutcliffe and everything, but we want Miami to be strong under Mark Richt so that they and Florida State can take as much of that Sunshine State talent away from the Florida Gators as possible. Go Canes. Also, I’m rooting for Mike Leach over whoever’s at USC now. I obviously care a lot.

Gameday, September 30

And then it’s Gameday.


The Vols are 3-1, but it’s been a pretty rough 3-1, and the team could really use a big win over Georgia Saturday. If they don’t get it, the rest of this stuff won’t matter nearly as much, but if they do, then watch and hope for the following as well:

Noon slot

Yeah, Vanderbilt got handled by Alabama. Who doesn’t? It doesn’t mean they can’t beat Florida. All they have to do is figure out how to keep Florida from getting lucky at the end of the game. Seriously, though, the Gators are running out of chances to lose, and Vandy actually does present a challenge.

Afternoon slot

At 3:30, it’s all guns blazing against the Georgia Bulldogs. If the Vols can get it done, everything is still in play.

Evening slot

Here’s where it really gets interesting.

  • After the Vols game, tune in to #13 Auburn vs. #24 Mississippi State. Even if Tennessee beats Georgia, we’re almost certainly going to need Georgia to get another loss somewhere else. Auburn’s on the schedule, so we want them to present a challenge.
  • After that, just channel hop through the rest of your evening as future opponents Southern Miss, LSU, and Alabama are all playing. When that gets boring, tune in to #2 Clemson at #12 Virginia Tech. I’m rooting for the Hokies in that one.

Complete college football TV schedule for Week 5

And here’s the complete schedule for the week, paginated and searchable!

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I’d say:
Hokies over Clemson because recruiting.
Future opponents over non-opponents because quality wins.