College Football TV Schedule and Rooting Guide for Vols fans: Week 2

The bad news for Week 2 of the college football season is that somebody decided to schedule all of the best games in the same time slot. The good news for Vols fans is that that time slot is Saturday night, and you probably have time to get home from the Tennessee game to channel hop your evening away.

Thursday, September 7


Really, if you have something to do this evening, you might want to just do that instead of watching a game on Facebook Live. Then again, you might want to watch it just so you can tell your kids you remember the days when you watched football games on a television.

Friday, September 8


Ditto Friday, I guess. I mean, seriously, how did we go from having a week’s worth of good college football games spread out over five days the first week to cramming it all into four hours Saturday night?

On the other hand, if you want to tune in to see Mike “I’m an old man now, I’m 50” Gundy, feel free.

Gameday, September 9


Okay, let’s talk about a few things here. We’ve had that discussion about whether and under what circumstances to root for other SEC teams once this season already. As you can see from that table up there, I’m rooting for SEC West teams this week, but I’m on the fence about SEC East rivals this week. We can probably all agree that rooting for whatever outcome is best for Tennessee is the proper thing to do, but what’s best for Tennessee is difficult to determine.

So, which non-Tennessee SEC teams are you rooting for this weekend?

Oh, and I’m rooting for Oklahoma over Ohio State as long as Urban Meyer’s a Buckeye, and I’m rooting for Missouri over South Carolina because the Tigers have a more difficult SEC West schedule (Auburn and Arkansas) than the Gamecocks (Texas A&M and Arkansas).



  1. So I’ve been watching the Eastern Illinois @ Indiana State game from last weekend on *WatchESPN.

    It’s proven to be rather interesting… Indiana State seems to run shotgun ~80% of the time with a single-back formation another 10-15% and very occasional I-Formation. They absolutely love to use motion nearly every play and end up audibling at the line better than 40% of their plays… often the majority of their calls are audibled out of before the snap. They engage in frequent use of wingbacks and multiple-TE sets along with common stacking of WRs on the inside. None of these demonstrate a clear bias towards running to that side and in fact their run game seems to consist primarily of draw and dive plays from their tailback who actually has some solid ability and runs very hard. He will be difficult to bring down one-on-one. The offensive coordinator does seem to enjoy employing a fair amount of screens, end-arounds and counters… plays designed to take advantage of your opponent’s aggressiveness but they honestly don’t have the speed outside of TB Lemonte Booker to make teams pay so all the screens come off as overly cautious rather than strategic. But as I said before, look out for Booker… he is the one guy they have that could make our defense pay for a bust on a screen or draw. They also employ a bit of play-action but it’s extremely infrequent in the EIU game.

    Their starting QB from the EIU game, Isaac Harker, does have a very weak arm and is extremely slow running. He made some absolutely godawful reads and seems prone to just putting the ball up there when in doubt rather than demonstrating any serious instincts towards protecting the football. He has the attitude of an absolute gamer but not the ability to make that attitude pay off.

    Their backup, Cade Sparks, got the nod in the second half and I’ll post a bit more after watching him for a half. I’ll also throw in a defensive analysis, but suffice to say for now that they are S-L-O-W with the exception of one fast but not agile corner and many of them are rather pudgy.

  2. Quick question, is there any sort of markup language I can use when writing something here?
    I graduated from UT with a degree in journalism and electronic media which made me absolutely anal-retentive about formatting. I don’t mind butchering everything I ever learned about APA guidelines(obviously) and its guidebook makes an exquisite paperweight but I love being able to markup anything I read for the sake of clarity.

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