Butch Jones press conference thread

Butch Jones is scheduled to have his weekly press conference at noon. You can watch it here, and we’ll keep notes in the comment section as he goes.



  1. Will to win gave us an opportunity but our details did not.

  2. Red zone efficiency not good; turnovers.

  3. I’m responsible, I can promise you we’ll get to work to make corrections.

  4. We cannot and will not ignore the details it takes to play winning football.

  5. Don’t anticipate TKJ being back right now.

    Yes, we all hurt, we’re pissed, but now it’s what you make of it. How do you become better? It can galvanize you, it can bring you closer together as a football team. We have to get back and go to work; it’s part of being a mature football team.

  6. AT what point do you give Jarrett a look?

    The QB is always a byproduct of individuals around him. Way too many missed assignments around the perimeter.

  7. OL got stronger sa game went on; conditioning became a factor. JK is becoming the face of leadership of our football program.

  8. Got some younger players some valuable repetitions.

  9. Q: McDowell, also played nickel a lot.

    McDowell is out for the year with a wrist injury; pretty much same as Jauan. We’ll miss him.

    Re nickel, it’s about personnel; RG is our starting nickel and one of our best players on defense and need him on the field as much as possible.

  10. Q: What went wrong Saturday? What was going right before that’s not going right now?

    A: Nothing different; we’re doing the same things. It’s the details. Make no mistake; expectation is to win every single week.

  11. Q: JK, are you okay with the exuberance and the penalty?

    A: No, passion is JK’s edge; he does a great job. It was heat of the moment, but we spoke about it. He said, “I can’t do that. I hurt the team.” He makes a great play, but now he’s putting the team in a challenging situation. But it was JK who said first that he screwed up.

  12. First and goal on the 1, we had a run play called. We would have liked to run the football there. We need to run the football. [more details here; need to listen again]

    • So this is Butch trying to walk the line between honestly answering the question and also protecting Dormady. It was supposed to be a run but Dormady checked to a pass. That’s interesting. It takes a little of the heat off of Scott for failing to call a run there. (granted it was a shotgun run, but those can be very successful). It’s just unlucky that QD gets hurt there and they didn’t trust JG under center. Then the false start. etc….
      Also interesting, what Butch was saying about their defensive alignment on that play. Going back and watching (granted I’d assume the blocking scheme shifted once Dormady audibles out of run) but the fellow that hurts QD’s knee would have absolutely destroyed a run on that play.

      • That was the feeling I got. It also doesn’t explain not running at all on their last drive. Sigh.

        • Which was killing me while I watched at home. I was yelling “Run the Ball!” (again). Again, the dropped Kelly pass was a killer, but still, run the ball three times and if you don’t score, kick the FG. You burn clock and/or force UF to use timeouts. Imagine that last drive without the possibility of a UF timeout to set up the field goal. Might that have changed our defensive scheme in anticipation of their last play? I dunno, but it might have.

  13. Bituli’s going to grow more and more into his position.

  14. Q: Did any players come in Sunday, did you get to see how the team’s doing?
    A: All players were in the building yesterday, which was great to see. They’re hurt, but they understand what’s at stake and that it’s a long football season. There’s natural adversity; need mental toughness and competitive attitude. Have to forget about it and move on. Feel sorry for yourself, but when you report back to work, need to get to work. There are some positive things that we can continue to build upon. We’ll be better for it. We have to move on.

  15. Q: Shaq Wiggins has looked visibly frustrated.
    A: His status is the same; he’s working to compete for playing time. From meetings to practice field, Saturdays. We spoke with him again. He just wants to play. We expect him to compete today.

  16. Q: Tyler Byrd? Couldn’t play a dime, why?
    A: Byrd, him misisng a week set him back; I expect him to be mroe actively involved offensively. He was in yesterday watching film.

    Dime, there’s so much that goes into it. . . . They had one TO, 9 seconds to go; talented FG kicker. They were going to try to throw a dig in the middle and kick a game-winning field goal. Similar to 2015. We let the QB escape the pocket; when he bought time, anything can happen.

  17. Q: Details, when you watched the last seires, what was your takeaway?
    A: We wanted to get a TD; 1st down, we’d practiced that all week and had it set up. We were ready for it, but didn’t execute it. 2nd, we’d tried to get it to our playmakers. We knew we were in FG range. Worst case, we go to OT.

  18. Q: Safety?
    A: We need to grow and develop depth there. Micah and Nigel had to play every snap; they also have large roles on ST; we need to move some players around and have some guys step up. At S and at LB.

  19. Q: Short yardage, struggle. What was that? Schemes and formations, or what?
    A: Jauan is also out for season. CM is also out for season.

    Short yardage: we didn’t pick up movement on the front very well. Will be a point of emphasis this week.

  20. Q: Sapp, and also LB?
    A: Sapp’s worked really hard to get back from injury. DB is still a young player continuing to learn, don’t want mind to tie the feet up. He’s very talented and playing well, his role will continue to grow with absence of CM.

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