Butch Jones Press Conference

Butch Jones press conference: 11.6.17

It’s nearly noon on Monday, so that means it’s time for Butch Jones’ regular press conference. You can watch for yourself with the video below or follow along with my real-time notes in the comment section below.



  1. Opening statements:

    It’s about the details, which add up to the big things. We only had 3 penalties. No turnovers, and we generated two takeaways. In red zone, we were 4-for-4. We controlled field position until mid-4th quarter. Trevor Daniel flipped the field. Medley did a good job on kickoffs. Had 4 sacks. Held them without a touchdown most of the game. New players on offensive line for the most part did a good job. Many positives to build on.

    Injury update: JG’s much, much better today. He’s probable. Shawn Shamburger is probable. Marquez Callaway, Brett Kendrick, Drew Richmond are questionable.

    Out: Marcus Tatum is out. Evan Berry is out for the season.

    Missouri: 3-straight wins. Explosive and dynamic offense. Passing, averaging 37 PPG. Don’t give up many negative yardage plays. 480+ yards per game. Drew Lock playing at a high level. Will run sometimes, but mostly it’s the passing. They do it quickly. Defensively, they’re disruptive. Beckner is great, Hall leads SEC in TFLs. Can play man coverage on perimeter. They’re good.

  2. Q: What about Missouri’s run game? What about Brooks and Johnson on the offensive line?

    A: Missouri does a great job of RPOs; it fits that team. Very good RBs, they can make the second-level defender miss. QB also involved in run game.

    Johnson and Brooks. Devante, 1st time he’d played since SO year in HS. Did some good things, some things need to correct. Same thing for Ryan. Admirable, they’ll get better.

  3. Q: JG.

    A: What QB gives us the best opportunity to win. Glad to see he’s doing better. Also glad to see McBride. Told a story about family watching at home, turning a birthday party into a watching party.

  4. Q: WR

    A: Josh Palmer will keep growing and develop. Jordan Murphy had his first catch, we’ll lean more toward him. Jeff George has played a lot. Tyler Byrd will be more involved as well. Everybody keeps working; they’ll be ready.

  5. Q: The defense has been on a roll lately with takeaways. What’s caused the light bulb to go off?

    A: It starts in habits and practice. When you start to get them, it leads to confidence; combination of habits, practices, what you expect, demand.

  6. Q: Would you consider keeping Trey Smith at tackle?

    A: It will depend. Trey continues to keep getting better, it’s ongoing whether we’d keep him there.

  7. Q: What about the criticism about McBride losing his redshirt for three plays?

    A: We’ve been getting him ready, thinking he’s going to be needed. He was excited to play, and so was his family.

  8. Q: Jarrett Guarantano, how is he getting better?

    A: He’s much more decisive; he seemed more confident. He’s throwing out of the pocket; has a better understanding of where he’s going with the football. He’s showed great progress. He’ll keep getting better.

  9. Q: Missouri is doing better on defense lately? What are they doing differently?

    A: They’re very active and disruptive. They’ve had the same starting lineup; they’re playing as a unit, with a lot of confidence, on a 3-game winning streak. They’re winning their one-on-ones. They’re active in secondary. Combo of a lot of confidence, continuity, and consistency.

  10. Q: What did Will McBride do well, and where does he need to improve?

    A: McBride doesn’t get rattled. He’s poised. He has command, presence, the players believe in him. He can make the thows, he’s cerebral. Now, we need to teach him when to get down with the football. He needs more reps. Needs to learn to manage field position, to learn that a throwaway may be the best play. Go through his progressions, improve the quickness of his decisions. It all comes with game-speed reps. He doesn’t get rattled.

  11. Q: Thoughts on Drew Lock.

    A: He’s a challenge. Fundamentals, he has a quick release. Probably the best we’ve seen at that. He can make all the throws. Has a live arm. You can’t get to him. The defensive front can’t get frustrated. He’s got experience. Moxy, swagger. Stature, ability to stand in pocket, to run if play breaks down. He’s very impressive. He’s going to play on Sundays for a long time.

  12. Q: Evan Berry, now that his season-ending injury means his Tennessee career is done.

    A: He can change field position in a hurry. He’s a threat to score every time he touches it. His will to play speaks volumes for him.

  13. Q: Will Kongbo keep his starting spot after his one-game suspension?

    A: He’ll have to earn that. Darrell Taylor stepped up. Kyle Phillips continues to be a model of consistency. Kongbo will have to earn his playing time back.

  14. Q: What if Guarantano and Will Mc Bride both go down?

    A: Third QB right now is Seth Washington.

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