Butch Jones press conference: 10.30.17

Butch Jones is scheduled to give his regular weekly press conference today at noon. It could be an especially interesting one with all of the rumors and reports swirling around concerning meetings behind closed doors about Jones’ future with the program. He’s certain to get asked, and who knows what he’ll say?

We’ll be posting comments below in real time as much as possible.



  1. Opening statements:

    Just way too many missed opportunities. Defense did a good job with turnovers, but could only get field goal attempts. Had field position and didn’t take advantage of it. Too many big plays given up on defense. Couldn’t stop the run. Some positives: Three running backs did well. Ty Chandler had 120 yards plus an 80-yard run called back. Jarrett Guarantano continues to improve. Trey Smith is one of our best players. Great consistency, intensity, energy.

    Re: Southern Miss: very talented, veteran group. Disruptive. Good against the run. 27th in total defense and 12th in TFLs. Play two quarterbacks; very explosive. Good at special teams.

  2. It hasn’t started yet, and on the Facebook page, the video already has 17 thumbs down.

  3. Q: Currie’s support? Would it help for him to say something?

    A: No, we’re practicing. Getting ready.

  4. Q: Sacks on Saturday night?
    A: Seven sacks, you think the OL is a problem. JG needs to throw it away and understand field position. Get rid of it quicker. Missed assignment. Wasn’t just OL. Each was different. Sometimes rhythm throw wasn’t there. Don’t take negative plays.

  5. Q: Support of Currie? Changed?
    A: Nothing has changed. At all.

  6. Q: Unsportsmanlike penalty. Rare. What explanation did you get?
    A: Very rare. Maybe only once in the SEC. But they wanted to make sure everything was under control. We talked to the players. Now, you’re one and done. It took two of our best players later on, but it affected both teams. That’s very, very rare.

    Q: Follow up. [something about whether things were chippy]
    A: It was a hard fought contest. [with a faint smile]

  7. Q: First season you’ve regressed in win total. How are you dealing with that?
    A: Disappointed, but not discouraged. Understand expectations of UT football. Four games came down to final play of the game. Things don’t go according to plan. Football is life sped up faster. Have to go about your business and be better for it and learn from it. Keep doing things in the right manner. In terms of family, a lot of people have been supportive. We have a lot of great friends here. I understand everyone being upset; if I was a fan, I’d be upset, too.

  8. Q: John Kelly? When did QD’s shoulder injury occur?
    A: JK and Will Ignont will be back at practice. Whether they’re back for the game will depend. QD’s injury has been ongoing for some time. Felt surgery was needed. We’ll be there for him.

  9. Q: What has Currie’s message to him been? His message to recruits?
    A: Message has stayed the same. This is where your character is tested. You find out about yourself. Our recruits understand. They understand our relationships. Re Currie. We talk every day. He’s a great person to work for.

  10. Q: Kicker.
    A: We’ll continue to compete now that Aaron’s back.

  11. Q: Josh Smith.
    A: It’s an ankle; he’ll be out this game. Only signifcant injury in this game.

  12. Q: Been given any reassurances from Currie?
    A: We just talk about day by day to week by week. Anything and everything.

  13. Q: More success against bear front. Why?
    A: Offensive coaches did a good job. It’s a challenging front. They’ve been very good. We ran off the ball well. Sustained blocks. RBs got yards after contact. Combination. JG made a few plays iwth his legs as well. Some was scheme against bear front.

  14. Q: Evan Berry?
    A: Continues to progress. Will be a big week for him, not just on special teams but also on defense. He’ll get more reps this week.

  15. Q: Effective on OL?
    A: Tatum is day to day; right now doubtful. Depth is very limited there. Kids understand and continue to work. Did a good job of sustaining blocks initially. Need to do a better job at end of games. Players are battling.

  16. Q: [Can’t hear this long question from Brent, I think.]
    A: They were reminded at every change of possession. Both personal foul penalties; we’ve looked at them. Suspensions: by rule, doesn’t carry over. [Question must have been about the two players ejected for their second personal fouls.]

  17. Q: QD, did his injury factor into decision to change QBs?
    A: There were a lot of factors that went into it.

  18. That’s it.

    The news is this: There is no news.

  19. Thanks Joel… you would make a great court stenographer! 🙂

    Go Vols!

  20. I’m afraid that, especially with rumors floating around about Jon Gruden getting $10mil/year to coach at Tennessee, and the seeming chokehold that both our athletic department and coach have on releasing any information that our fanbase is going to simply get more and more pissed off the longer Jones continues to roam the sideline.

    I understand that firing him midseason might not be the most productive action in terms of getting positive results in terms of winning football games… but the athletic department needs to realize that there is a finite amount of goodwill towards the department and that now that the decision has seemingly been made to fire Butch that much of the fans’ response to ugly football and losses will begin to fall on the folks viewed as keeping him(and the status quo) around. Beyond that we’ll probably be lucky to draw 70,000 for the Southern Miss game and I frankly expect us to lose that game ugly given the quality of Southern Mississippi’s defense.

    I honestly believe that if we want to maximize fan support for our athletic department that Jones needs to be gone before Saturday with an interim coach in place. And God help our athletic department if we end up hiring a bargain bin coach again after all the rumor about Gruden… ones I would give no credence to if it weren’t for the reaction of betting markets.

    That will be the difference between 100,000 at the Orange and White game vs. risking losing a large chunk of the fan base for good.

  21. Joel, do you happen to know a source or story for the numbers we’ve spent in the form of buyouts for coaches we’ve been paying not to coach us after firing them?

    Or the revenue increase at Alabama from 2005ish/pre-Saban to 2017? Someone needs to impress upon this Athletic Department and University the age old adage that you have to spend money to make money. And that the cost of buyouts for mediocre coaches along with lost potential revenue from having a successful program makes it worthwhile to spend the money up front rather than slowly crap it all away through buyouts and lost revenue.

    • Actually found Alabama revenue numbers…
      The year before Saban was hired their AD’s total revenue was ~$67 million.
      In 2016 their total revenue was ~$164 million.

      Seems to me that kind of revenue increase makes paying a guy like Nick Saban $10mil/year or more a no brainer.

      • If you know of any other Nick Sabans hanging around twiddling their thumbs, I’m sure Mr. Currie would love to hear his name. LSU looked a year ago, and found… Ed Orgeron, already on their staff.

        • I will never understand why any team would hire Ed Orgeron to be their head guy.

          Being a head coach is basically a glorified management position… the job is all about intelligence, handling your responsibilities and dealing with the personal/human aspect of dealing with kids/administrators/media/fans/etc.

          The best head coaches are almost invariably the smartest guys in the room… but Oregon is kind of a braying jackass.

    • No, I’ve not seen those numbers. I did just watch an interesting segment on John Pennington’s Sports Source show from yesterday, though. The point he was making was that if you’re thinking, “Just spend the money, and it will come back in wins and more money,” you’d be right — but only with respect to Alabama and Nick Saban. Others haven’t worked out so well. I don’t remember the number, but it was something striking about most coaches being paid over $4M right now currently sitting at 7-5 or worse. Harbaugh’s a good counter-example to Saban.

      I don’t know the answer. I just hope they make a good hire, someone who will both excite the fan base immediately and also win like crazy over the long term.

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