Butch Jones press conference – 10.23.17

Butch Jones is scheduled to meet with the media for his regular Monday press conference here in just a few moments. If you can’t listen, follow along below for our real-time notes.


  1. We’re obviously disappointed. We have to score points. We’ve not been able to do it, but we’re working at it.

  2. Not considering changing play-callers. It’s execution. We just have to keep working.

  3. Comments not auto-updating, so putting them all in one.

    Good to get Ryan Johnson in the game. Lots to build on there.

    Dormady is still in discussions about his injury. We expect him to practice tomorrow.

    How much of the offensive struggle is not being able to run? A lot. We have to be able to run the football. When you can, it opens up everything else.

    Darrell Taylor’s status? Defensive line? Taylor continues to progress. We’ll have a meeting today. He’s doing what we’ve asked of him. Defensive line, they had a tough challenge this week, and we were able to do some things, but we had too many plays to defend because the offense couldn’t stay on the field.

    Shamburger? Where do things stand with him and Justin Martin? Good to see Shamburger step up. We anticipate Martin being back. Proud of him being engaged on the sideline. He was into the game. We’ll continue to compete at that spot. Having Martin back this week will help. Shamburger will be part of the rotation going forward.

    Jashon Robertson? He’ll be ready to go and to practice today.

    Where is talent level relative to Alabama and Georgia? Those are two very, very good football teams. Both are playing at a high level right now.

    Dormady? Could he have played on Saturday if need be? yes.

    What are the differences between Alabama and Georgia? Both are great and have great depth. Have older players that understand it. They’re playing at a high level.

    With loss of Jack Jones, Boulware, Chance Hall, what about offensive line recruiting? It’s paramount. We lack numbers and depth and there will be tremendous opportunities for incoming guys.

    Evan Berry? He continues to progress; it’s day by day, week by week. He’s working very had and wants to get back out on the field. We’ll know more by middle of the week. He’s making strides in getting back.

    Jarrett’s improvement this week? I do see progress. Can’t question his toughness. Great competitive grit. Stood firm in the pocket. Delivered some throws, took some shots. Going through the process of learning, and he’s learning quickly. He’s very confident in himself and his teammates. Saw progress.

    How do you get OL to play better? Just continue to emphasize details and continuing to battle. It’s not just that one position. It’s TEs and RBs and QB’s drops, rhythm, spacing, etc.

    What’s the problem causing the lack of execution? You study the video, and it’s breakdowns at each position group at bad times in the game. Penalties. Playing the competition we play, every mistake is compounded. It’s timing, just ability to go up and make a play. We have some good players. They’re going to make plays. They’re determined, they’re working hard. They want to do well. Just keep demanding, and eventually good things will happen.

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