All the best SEC Championship highlights, celebrations, tweets, and interviews

You can stop pinching yourself now. It really happened. The Vols won a share of the SEC regular-season championship last night by out-toughing the Georgia Bulldogs, 66-61. It was a win that welcomed back to Knoxville that old familiar championship feeling for which we’ve been pining for far too long. You know it’s true when they’re printing and selling Vols SEC Championship Tees.

Here’s a collection of all of the best post-game tweets, highlights, celebrations, and interviews, because basking in all that stuff is what you do after a championship. It’s in the manual. (Please add any we may have missed in the comments section.)

But before the post-game stuff, here’s a warm up:

The crowd-led Star Spangled Banner

Okay, so now for the somehow-even-awesomer stuff.

Highlights with homers

Highlights with SECN commentary

The view of the last few minutes from the stands


The immediate post-game interviews came next, but we’re going with the celebrations first:

Post-game, on-court interviews

Rick Barnes:

Admiral Schofield:

Post-game press conferences

Rick Barnes:

Admiral Schofield:

Grant Williams, Lamontre (yes, I did that on purpose) Turner, and Kyle Phillips:

Player tweets

Congratulatory tweets

And finally, what’s next:

The 2018 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket has the Vols playing on Friday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m. against the winner of LSU and Mississippi State.

And there’s this, from Ken Pomeroy:

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