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  • Tennessee’s NCAA Tournament history goes something like this: after the field was expanded to 64 teams in 1985, the Vols didn’t make the Sweet 16 until 2000. With the turn of the century came better basketball: […]

  • March Madness is officially here. Here’s our list of games today and tomorrow for Round 1 of the NCAA Tournament. The following are the games in the Vols’ region.

    Of the eight games in the Vols’ […]

  • The 2-seed Tennessee Volunteers take on the 15-seed Colgate Raiders Friday at 2:45 ET in the first round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament, and the winner advances to meet either Cincinnati or Iowa sometime Sunday. […]

    • Given the preponderance of shooting that Colgate brings to the table, I’d expect to switch pretty much everything 1 through 4 and play pretty tight on the perimeter.

      Leave Kyle in the paint, don’t overhelp, and run* the dang ball, Bobo**.

      *take care of
      **on offense

      I’m nervous, too, but we’re better than them. If we’re paying attention, we should win this game.

  • The Raiders come to us from the Patriot League, where they started 13-10 (5-5). And then, bang: eight straight wins to finish the season, then a clean run through the conference tournament. Including all three […]

    • Hit the nail on the head with this analysis… Colgate’s ability to hit the 3’s is worrisome to me if our Vols get lazy and take these guys lightly. Tighten up the defense, play with energy and like every one of these games could be your last and send you home. Go Vols!

      PS: My son is a Colgate alumni… makes for interesting family dynamics 🙂

  • It’s finally here. The Big Dance. March Madness. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

    The regular season was fun. The SEC Tournament featured a Final-Four-like game between two rivals, and the Big Orange won […]

  • Auburn is the only team to beat Tennessee twice this season, and both times, the Tigers did it by hitting double digit threes and forcing double digit turnovers. We know that allowing the opponent to get to the […]

    • While stopping the 3 is definite issue… I believe the turnovers either caused by Auburn or self inflicted it destroyed flow and lost scoring opportunities… it smacked of lack of focus and energy for whatever reason or excuse. Get rested and go for the gold… Go Vols!!

  • I didn’t see most of the game today; maybe that was a blessing. I know we’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few weeks talking about brackets and No. 1 seeds; the only path Tennessee has left there is to […]

    • AMEN… a very difficult game to watch. Go Vols!

    • I made the drive from Memphis to see this one.

      The atmosphere outside and inside the arena in the lead up to the game was GREAT. It was 90% the right shade of orange, and it was LOUD. And even after getting blitzed for 30 minutes, when the Vols cut it to 15, it got LOUD again. The fans desperately wanted it.

      I certainly knew going in a loss was possible; a letdown is only natural after the emotional outburst of the game on Saturday. But getting blasted was not really something I considered. It was disappointing, but you’ve got to tip your hat to Auburn. They created havoc and hit shots.

      The range of outcomes in the tournament feels exceptionally wide. Yes, we haven’t lost to anyone outside of the top 20 in KenPom all year, but after Colgate, that’s almost exclusively what we’ll see (Cincy is 32, but the potential home court advantage may bump them up).

      And to an extent, doesn’t it feel like that outcome will determine how we remember this group? Being #1 for a month, winning 19 straight, 2 wins over UK, those are all special things.

      But if they lose in the round of 32? Won’t it all feel a bit empty?

      • I think if they lose in the second round, it will go on a list with 2001 LSU and, more recently, the second half of the 2016 football season. And people can say what they want about us hanging a Sweet 16 banner, but if they don’t make it there, this team won’t have any representation in the rafters at TBA, which would be really strange.

        • In the ride either to or from Nashville, my friend and I discussed this: it feels like the O/U on games to win to make the season truly memorable is 2.5.

          Is that fair given that the school has only made one Elite 8 ever? Maybe not. But this team has done things we’ve never seen before, so I think it’s ok to raise the bar for what success looks like.

  • It’s Gameday on Rocky Top for the third day in a row now (woo!), with No. 5 Tennessee (NET Rankings) (why are we using the NET Rankings?) (29-4, 15-3) and No. 18 Auburn (25-9, 11-7) squaring off against each […]

  • If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

    . . . make it this, from

    Rucker: Big-Game Lamontrey returns, re-buries Kentucky

    Other Vols stuff worth reading today

    Tennessee 82 […]

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  • The Vols have beaten better Kentucky teams. John Wall and Demarcus Cousins in 2010. A Final Four squad with Jamal Mashburn in 1993. But I’m not sure a Tennessee win over Kentucky has ever meant as much; I know it […]

    • I got home in time to see the last 1:47. All i can say is WOW. And i thoroughly enjoyed the interview after. This team has been so much fun to watch for the last two years. GBO.

    • Helluva a game!

      Keep it goin’ and GBO!

    • Fantastic article, Will! Very well written.

    • Well… just “wowza…” coming out of my seat all the way to end. It was like a heavyweight boxing match trading blows back and forth when the challenger comes off the ropes with a flurry of punches for the knockout!

      Let’s whip those Tigers and cement an early and big lead to coast home for the championship. Don’t ever leave you man and follow them all the way to mid-court if necessary to defend the 3. Go Vols!!

    • I have always thought the best UT-KY game I ever saw was the 1975 game (TN won 103-98), but that was a regular season game. This was a tournament setting, down by eight with under three minutes left, and this team found a way to win. This might have been better.

  • It’s Gameday on Rocky Top, with No. 6 (NET Rankings) (what are the NET Rankings?) Tennessee (28-4, 15-3) and No. 5 Kentucky (27-5, 15-3) facing off for the third time this season. You’ll recall that the first […]

  • Will’s already been all over it this morning, but if anything ever deserved a double take, it’s Admiral Schofield’s dunk last night against Mississippi State in the 2019 SEC Tournament.

    I know you’ve already […]

  • It belongs in a museum.

    So, look. This is a year when hyperbole is available on a regular basis for Tennessee. Jordan Bowden’s dunk at Vanderbilt is one of the best I’ve ever seen by a Tennessee player. And it […]

  • How much of Gonzaga’s loss is everyone else’s gain?

    If the Zags are, in fact, a No. 2 seed now…they’re still almost certainly headed to Anaheim. With the Pac-12 looking like a one-or-two-bid league, none of […]

    • It’s easy to note the similarities to last year…Vols smoked Bully in the penultimate regular season game and then drew them on Friday night. I hope the similarities end there, because MSU missed a wide open 3 for the lead with 9 seconds left and I don’t think I can handle that kind of suspense again 😛

      Definitely interested in the defensive intensity tonight. It was great against these guys last time, and it’s what I think determines how far the Vols will dance.

  • During his four years with Tennessee Basketball, Admiral Schofield won the hearts of Rocky Top. Take a look back at his journey and the impact he's made.

    Posted by The Players' Tribune on Thursday, March 14, 2019

  • The conference tournaments have been going on for a couple of days now, and the teams that Tennessee fans care most about start playing today. Besides the Vols, who should Tennessee fans watch and root for this […]

  • As the Vols entered the NCAA Tournament last year, there was no blueprint. SEC Champions at 25-8 (13-5) and a No. 3 seed, Tennessee was capable of winning games in a variety of ways. Turns out we didn’t have the […]

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