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  • If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

    . . . make it this, from VolQuest:

    Jonathan Crompton: They don’t come much better than Jim Chaney

    Other Vols stuff worth reading today

    Jeremy […]

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  • 247Sports’ Patrick Brown broke the news last night that Tennessee has hired Jim Chaney as its new offensive coordinator. The school just made the news official.

    After a long, drawn-out process that rivaled […]

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  • Isn’t this the game Cuonzo would’ve wanted?

    Grant Williams fouled out with four points on 1-of-8 shooting. The Vols lead the nation in assist percentage at 69%. Tonight: only 12 assists on 31 made shots, […]

    • Another fun game. I’ll be at the Florida game Saturday nite. Can’t wait! Go Vols!

    • Before this season, I had prepared myself for a letdown. I did not think that it would be possible to like a team more than I liked last year’s team. I know that this team *is* mostly last year’s team, but this is the most fun I’ve ever had watching basketball, I think.

    • I loved the flexibility in approach. Frankly, we didn’t get much from the Admiral/Grant big lineup in the first 8-10 minutes. When we went with 3 guards, Bowden/Bone/Turner lit up Missouri. They had no idea how to play with our pace. Cuonzo prefers combat-style pace and we imposed our will on them. We also played better defense than his team, which is quite a statement. Our 3FG defense was particularly impressive in the key 24-4 stretch during which we turned the game around.

      Florida will be a much better matchup than Missouri. The Gators are battle-tested. They lost several tough games, but KenPom loves them. It’s also a road game in the SEC. I still think we get the win, but in the 8-10 points range. (KenPom is a +8 differential without adjustments)

    • Every starter can go for double digits. That balance carried us on an off night for Grant & first-half Admiral. Every one is clear on their roles. They all play hard. They play good defense, particularly on the outside. They really seem to love each other and Coach Barnes. I love this team.

      Haven’t had this much fun since Dane Bradshaw and Chris Lofton. Sorry for the double comment but emotion carrying me away.

  • The Vols held on to number three in the AP poll, 18 votes behind Michigan for number two, 10 votes ahead of Virginia at number four. Those three and number one Duke are also the one seeds in the most recent […]

    • Vols are +24.94 on KenPom vs. Mizzou at +9.40. If KenPom is only a -7, that’s a heckuva an adjustment for home/away and pace of play. Pace will be slow because Cuonzo would prefer that everyone play in combat boots, but I’m hoping it’s another double digit W. We’ve struggled against these guys at their place. (Of course, we have struggled historically against UGA as well, so there’s that…)

      • Mizzou and Florida are the two slowest teams in the league. It’ll be interesting to see how we dictate pace this week.

        • Curious to see if the Vols will play to the slower pace or try and force the tigers and gators to a faster paced game.

    • In separate news, VolTwitter will likely be pleased that the greatest coach on the planet and the one Tennessee was stupid not to hire instead of Jeremy Pruitt according to the national media is ‘out’ at Ohio State. Greg Schiano, of course.

  • With the December 2018 Early Signing Period in the books, the recruiting world will get cranked back up this weekend after the dead period ends.  And after watching last night’s National Championship Game one ca […]

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  • When you carry the number three next to your name, it’s easy for the enjoyable to get a little too normal. You nitpick, you look ahead, etc.

    Tennessee was favored by 15 (via KenPom) over Georgia today in the […]

    • Will, nice summary. I saw the first half and couldn’t believe how well this UT played. The leadership from William and Schofield is outstanding and the best I have seen on any team in a long time. I hope it continues… GBO.

    • I sat behind the Georgia bench and had a pretty up close view of the massacre. Straight up, the vols are MEN and Georgia were a JV team. Just looking at the physical impact of pons, Williams, Alexander and Schofield playing defense against Georgia was astonishing. How are teams expected to score against that lineup? Only auburn and Kentucky will be able to score points against us consistently. Good god, pons was blocking shots with his elbow! And by the way, Tom Crean screamed at the refs and his players the entire game at the top of his lungs while sucking down Diet Coke all afternoon. That guy is on serious heart attack watch.

    • That was fun!!!

    • It may not be normal but it sure was a lot of fun to watch. This team can be dominant when it plays with an edge. I’d like to see us have the desire to crush every team we play. Tom Crean is a bit of a joke when it comes to coaching and you can tell his players don’t like him. So it’s not surprising that Georgia checked out when they got down 15 or so, but man that was fun!

  • When last we met:

    It’ll be another sellout, this time to open league play. Thought this was interesting:

    Before the split last season, the Vols lost two games (one in the SEC Tournament) to Georgia by three […]

  • Last year the SEC rose from its slumber: after placing three teams in the 2017 Elite Eight, the league sent eight to the dance floor last March. Six won in the first round. And then, disappointment.

    No. 3 seed […]

    • Man oh man, it’s a long ways off and there’s plenty of work to be done, but I’d love to see the Vols play an Elite 8 game in my adopted home town.

    • This is good stuff, as always. Is there any way to refresh the recruiting outlook? Barnes noted this week that it has been easier to get into the homes of highly rated recruits since we are now in the top 5. I know that the staff is dedicated to finding high character guys who want to work, but hopefully they can also find guys who are incredibly talented as well. The 3* guys can’t all be Admirals or Grants, rgiht?

      • They’re in on four-star SG Keon Johnson for 2020 (from Bell Buckle, TN, south of Murfreesboro, which I had never heard of until his recruitment). It appears to be between us and UVA, and UVA fans I’ve met in moving back to Virginia like our chances.

    • You can’t take anything for granted in league play, but the schedule over the next 6 weeks isn’t onerous.

      6 SEC games at home, 5 on the road (2 against the rebuilding category, 2 against the bubble category), and a home game against a West Virginia team in the SEC/Big 12 matchup that has taken a step back this year.

      If you think it’ll take 13-5 to possibly repeat and/or get a 1/2 seed, then you want to leave some room for that closing stretch…9-2 going into the @UK game? Something like that?

      I’m excited. Giddy up.

      • KenPom gives us 8.55 conference wins heading into Rupp, so that’s about right. Our season almost has a bracket buster feel with a long grind of games we’re expected to win, then what should be three straight ranked opponents to end the year. If we take care of business, the argument for or against being a one seed will handle itself in those last two weeks.

  • As next week brings All-Star Games, each game includes Vol signees and targets as well, with OL Darnell Wright and ILB Henry To’oto’to the prime prospects at the Under Armour All-America Game and All-American Bow […]

  • With apologies to our friends from Cookeville, I’m not sure how much is left to learn about the Vols entering conference play. Tomorrow, Tennessee hosts Tennessee Tech: 330th in KenPom, where the Vols are […]

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  • Tennessee’s Early Signing Period class ranks #13 in the country and #6 in the SEC.  These respective rankings of course do not count the addition of the Aubrey Solomon, who was a 5-star DT in the class of 2017 an […]


    Tennessee needs secondary help, and the Vols got it in a big way during early signing period, starting with Georgia hard-hitting safety […]

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