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  • The Atlanta Tipoff Club announced the 10 semifinalists for the Werner Ladder Naismith Trophy for Men’s College Coach of the Year today, and Tennessee’s Rick Barnes is one of the 10.

    Every Vols fan already […]

  • The things we’ve spent all year hoping were true for the SEC are about to be fully realized.

    The league record for NCAA Tournament teams is six. Eight are in the most recent Bracket Matrix, and Mississippi […]

    • My focus is still on the short-term…while it’s a train wreck at 8-7 and there are enough games between those tied teams that I’m not sure they can all pass us, let’s make sure we go 2-1 or better in the last 3 and lock in that 2 seed in the SECT.

      Realistically, splitting the MS road trip (with tomorrow being the easier of those 2 games) and holding serve at home against UGA would be a great finish. I will lend my personal support on the 2nd leg of the MS trip by driving down from Memphis to Starkville on Tuesday.

      Giddy up. Go Vols.

      • I think a win tomorrow makes the Mississippi State game all opportunity. Would it make a difference between the Vols being a three or four seed? Maybe. But I don’t think we’d have to put pressure on it if Tennessee already has its 11th conference win in hand.

  • Vols-Gators
    It wasn’t especially pretty for much of the game, but Tennessee beat the Florida Gators last night 62-57, restoring confidence in the team and its best player.

    Grant Williams, having been publicly […]

    • Really glad to see the guys pull out a great win like that. I feel bad that I missed it. Think it’s a good move on Barnes part to praise the team even though the play wasn’t on par with our great run. It’s more important to restore confidence and hope the team builds off this. With constant negativity the players could feel that nothing they do is right and then what’s the point. Real glad to see Williams and Bone have great nights and hopefully the team keeps boosting their confidence with another win against Ole Miss.

      • I’ve always viewed great leaders as good jockeys, those who know when to whip and when to lay off because they’ve had enough. May be some of that going on.

  • It may not have been the most aesthetically pleasing win of the year, but Tennessee’s 62-57 victory over Florida provided validation on two important points.

    One: the Vols handled Florida’s elite guards. The […]

  • Tennessee, hoping to pull it all together against some great guards and the last tournament team on their regular season schedule, host the Florida Gators tonight at Thompson-Boling. The game tips at 9:00 and […]

  • Hoops
    Tennessee basketball hosts the Florida Gators at 9:00 tonight at Thompson-Boling Arena. It will be the Vols’ last regular season game against a tournament-bound team, and the result will likely determine […]

    • Definitely a big game against Florida tonight. Not the hardest with Miss State on the road, but we need to pad the resume with more top 50 wins. They really need to defend the home court and get used to teams looking to pick up a quality win against us. Maybe we can snag a 3 seed with a strong finish.

      • Yeah, I’m just hoping that they can “look like they can do it” again, meaning I want to know that it’s a mental/effort thing that can be remedied come tournament time and not that opponents have figured out the key to beating us.

  • We get as much mileage as we can out of the “picked to finish 13th in the SEC” narrative, but that story really changed as soon as the Vols beat Purdue. That was 91 days ago. Tennessee then increased its […]

    • I guess ESPN2 is good for some Vol fans, but – speaking purely selfishly – I would prefer home games not be televised at all than tip off at 9pm on school nights.

    • It’s an incredibly important game tonight, not just for our collective mental stability, but for the SEC standings.

      With a loss and an Alabama win in Auburn, UT would find itself in 4th, losing a tiebreaker at 9-6 to Alabama and Florida.

      With a win and an Alabama loss in Auburn, UT would find itself in 2nd and 2 games clear of a massive pileup in the middle of the conference. Depending on what happens in Columbia (southern variety), the above scenario would leave either 7 or 8 teams at 7-8 or 8-7 in the league. That’s crazy.

    • It’s time for win or go home basketball. Every team we have left is either a tournament team or a team trying to make a tournament. We need to build that mentality to be successful in March!

  • (H)oops!
    Tennessee men’s basketball had another rough night Saturday, losing to Georgia, 73-62. That makes two losses in three games on the heels of a six-game winning streak and talk of a possible […]

    • “Barnes says it means the team ‘didn’t play very smart,’ suggesting they were too content to shoot over defenders instead of taking hard to the basket.”

      I can agree with this. Maten, the highest scorer for UGA, had two fouls early in the first and never got another in game. If they drive and force some fouls that’s at least more time Maten is on the bench and we get back in this.

    • I said after the South Carolina game that I was Mildly Concerned about the Vols. I’m not yet all-caps CONCERNED, but the outcome of the game against Florida could put me there.

      The team LOOKS tired, and it’s showing up all over the stat sheet. Here’s a quick snapshot of the Vols’ averages in the last 4 games vs. the season against P5 teams (to take out some overmatched early season opponents).

      Points: 60.8 vs. 76.9
      FG%: 37.7% vs. 44.7%
      3PM: 6.3 vs. 8.3
      3P%: 28.7% vs. 39.6%
      FTM: 12.5 vs. 16.4
      FTA: 17.8 vs. 21.5
      Asisst: 10.3 vs. 15.8
      Opp FG: 47.0% vs. 41.5%
      TO Forced: 12.0 vs. 13.7

      All of those offensive metrics suggest there’s been a bit less ball movement, more one-on-one play, more jumpers and fewer drives to the rim, etc. Those are all things that happen when you’re running out of steam.

      It’s a long season. There will be ebbs and flows. They can bounce back…but I’m starting to worry.

  • Tennessee basketball, presented an opportunity to inch closer to an Auburn team that had lost earlier in the day at South Carolina, instead blew their own road game at Georgia this evening, losing 73-62. […]

    • Barnes’ “we play harder”, second place result in the SEC Hoops isn’t nearly as annoying as Avis’ Second Place “We try harder” campaign from the 1970s ….

      Except when we turn the ball over; don’t hustle for rebounds; don’t stop penetration; and, have high percentage shooting guards who lack the will to shoot.

  • In case you didn’t know (or in case you missed him this time), Will is on WNML’s Sports 180 with Josh Ward and Will West every Friday afternoon at 1:30. Here’s Will’s spot this afternoon.


    • Will’s radio spot is how I first discovered this team of writers back at the SB nation site. I always enjoy listening to him when I catch his segment on Fridays.

  • Hoops
    If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Will’s latest post on Tennessee basketball, which analyzes what, specifically, makes the team hum. Spoiler alert:
    . . . Tennessee’s best basketball is a b […]

    • So this corruption thing came up and we’re one of the teams. Apparently most of the top 25 and at least 36 teams are under investigation. This is apparently serious because they’re talking about vacating wins and removing HoF coaches. I just wonder if we’re being investigated because of the Barnes payment to his assistant. If not for that I’d find it hard to see recruiting violations.

      Oh well, let’s whoop Georgia tomorrow. Whatever happens will happen.

  • Five to go. Auburn just keeps winning, still two up on the Vols. The Tigers have a pair of games with South Carolina book-ending three tests against likely NCAA Tournament teams (Alabama, at Florida, at Arkansas). […]

  • Football Staff
    Tennessee reportedly made two hires yesterday: former Heisman-winner and Alabama offensive analyst Chris Weinke will coach the running backs and JUCO offensive mastermind Joe Osovet will be an […]

    • So after a strange day for the SEC we end up solely at No. 2 again. Hopefully we can sweep the rest.

      • I guess I won’t waste my employer’s time by trying to figure out all of the scenarios, but I think a 3-2 finish that puts the Vols at 12-6 in conference should guarantee a top-4 slot (teams 3-6 still have several games against each other such that they can’t all end up better than 12-6).

        You can’t take anybody for granted in this league, though. With UGA winning in Gainesville last night, they’re obviously capable of beating UT on Saturday. Vols need to come out ready to go.

  • Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt isn’t wasting any time replacing running backs coach Robert Gillespie. GoVols247 reported yesterday, only a day after Gillespie and Tennessee parted ways, that the Vols are […]

    • First-ever Tennessee coach to have won the Heisman?

      • Really? Huh.

        • Well, I was asking because I don’t know that’s the case but I don’t remember any others.

          • You are in luck. I had to take my daughter to the dentist and had nothing better to do. There have only been 11 Heisman winners to coach football in any capacity or at any level that I could find. Weinke is indeed the first former Heisman winner to coach at UT. Billy Cannon Sr. did get his DDS from UT while he was still playing for the Houston Oilers but he had no noted connection to the football team that I could find.

            • My first thought was “Wow, only 11 of them went on to coach?” Then I sat back and thought for a second, and looked how many winners there have been, 80 according to Wikipedia (not sure if that includes Reggie Bush’s vacated one).

              So 11 out of 80 (or 81), that’s actually not as surprising. Got to figure a number had no desire to coach after their playing days, either because of the time already invested in the sport in their life already and/or money made and/or other career opportunities. Also, just being a great player doesn’t mean that they’re a great coach too. So yea, 11, I can believe that.

  • The Vols add yet another guy to their growing coaching support staff with the arrival of Joe Osovet, a top JUCO coach known for his offensive prowess. He’s expected to be an offensive analyst.

    Osovet made the […]

    • I’m really intrigued by this hire. Probably more than most of the others under Pruitt

  • Tennessee and Robert Gillespie part ways
    News broke yesterday that Vols running backs coach Robert Gillespie is leaving Tennessee. This was a surprising move, as Gillespie was the one guy from Butch Jones’ […]

  • The Tennessee basketball team was looking to put a humiliating loss to Alabama last Saturday behind them with a great performance against South Carolina last night, and it’s a good thing they came out with a lot […]

  • The Vols, still licking their wounds from a tough night at Alabama last weekend, hope to put it all behind them against South Carolina at home tonight. The game tips at 9:00 and will be televised on ESPNU. […]

    • Well, that’s a better start for Kyle Alexander.

    • Vols look much, much better, as expected so far.

    • Still close, both teams playing well.

    • Fans cheering on the effort of the entire team, which is dialed up to 10.

    • Somehow, the Vols look a lot better, but are still unable to pull away.

    • Hmm…maybe upgrade me to Mildly Concerned about the Vols.

      I saw some spurts tonight that looked like the Vols of the last month, but there were also large stretches of lackadaisical execution on both ends of the court.

      It’s hard to be unhappy with any win at this point in the season, but that left me feeling wholly uninspired.

      • I guess I took a hit of the NegaVol juice tonight, but also worth noting…

        The game next week against Florida is HUGE for final standing purposes, because here’s the current 1-6 for SEC seeding.

        1. Auburn (10-2)
        2. UT (9-4)
        3. Florida (8-4)
        4. Mizzou (8-5)
        5. Bama (8-5)
        6. Arkansas (7-6)

        UT’s current record against the other members of the top 6? 0-4. There is still very much a scenario where UT stumbles a bit to the finish line and ends up 5th or 6th based on losing a bunch of tiebreakers.

        So…win? K, great, thanks!

        • We need more of the Kentucky at Rupp kind of focus and effort. Lapses all over the place.. .

          When we were up by 10 with 4:27 in 1H (33-23), we didn’t score a FG and went 5-6 from the line. We gave up a three pointer, a dunk and 6 FTs. Half of the FTs came from fouling a 3 point shooter. We let them back in it – 38-34 at the break.

          USC tied it 90 seconds into the 2H at 40-40.

          But we played ball again for 8 min or so and had our largest lead of the game at 61-47 with 10 min left.

          Another serious lapse, saw us give up a 3 point FG, another 3pointer AND a foul for a 5 point possession, plus another jumper. 3 min without scoring made it a 4 point game again 61-57 with 7 min left.

          We got it back to 9 again before another lapse.

          Admiral missed a 3; Turner turned it over; Grant missed; Bowden turned it over; Grant fouled Silva; JD3 turned it over; and, we’re down to 68-67 with a minute left in the game.. So, basically everyone on the floor lost their collective mind and contributed to the meltdown.

          Fortunately, Grant made a bucket and Minaya missed a 3 for the 70-67 win.

          I am really glad that South Carolina is not very good at basketball. We deserved to lose that game. But we’ll take the win.

          Georgia, Florida and Miss State would all beat us with that kind of effort.

          • A throwaway stat from the AP recap worth keeping an eye on…

            This was the 3rd straight game that UT has had a negative A:TO ratio. They’d only done it 3 for the season prior to that.

            Whether that is a symptom of some larger underlying issue, I’m not sure, but the offensive execution has certainly fallen off (down to 36th in KenPom after being top 25-ish most of the year). The team struggles when the ball sticks on offense, and we need to get back to good ball movement on a more consistent basis.

  • Hoops
    If you care to hear Rick Barnes talk about all of the things that went wrong against Alabama Saturday night, you can do that here:

    If you prefer, you can just skim the transcript. Paraphrase: We didn’t […]

  • Hoops
    It was a rough night for the Tennessee basketball team Saturday at Alabama, as they were beaten mercilessly in every way and lost 78-50 to the Tide.

    Will wants to burn the film, but not before we learn […]

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