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  • You may have already heard whispers about the new NET rankings thingy the NCAA has decided to lean on when comparing team resumes come tournament time, but what is it, and how does it work?

    The N.E.T., or […]

    • Those numbers for home wins/losses vs. away wins/losses seem pretty out of whack to me. I can see a home win counting as 0.9 or maybe 0.8 wins, but 0.6 seems pretty bonkers to me. It should be interesting to see how the NET shakes out.

  • Let’s rank yesterday even though it’s way too early to do so without the context of the entire season!

    There are two clear-cut games at the top of my list. The Sweet 16 win over Ohio State will stand until the […]

    • Bonus points for color commentators – Jimmy Dykes in 2006, Sean Farnham yesterday – “breaking character” to outright cheer both Lofton and Schofield. That’s when you know you’ve got something good going on.

    • I agree that it’s tough to beat 2010 Ohio State or 2008 Memphis, and it’s as much about context as anything (a S16 game to reach our first E8, a late February game against a rival to get to #1 for the first time). A win in December over a team with whom we have no real animosity just doesn’t rate as highly.

      I don’t remember the ’99 UK game (though I do remember the SECT QF flameout against Mississippi State and the 30-point loss to SW MO State that followed), nor do I have strong memories of the ’06 UF games (chalk it up to a combo of being in college doing other things and the olden days of Jefferson Pilot where you were left to the mercies of what your local affiliate aired…that makes me feel old).

      Given all that, I’d probably slot yesterday 4th behind Ohio State ’10, Memphis ’08, and Kansas ’10. That one had a somewhat unexpected feel given the team turmoil going on at the time. Yesterday was a nice surprise given that it felt like it was slipping away at times, but this team is good, I’m conditioned to think they’re good, and it’s early.

      We just don’t quite know what it means yet. Ask me again in 4 months.

    • My daughter (UT Student back on break) and I will be in FedEx Forum for the game. Memphis is getting better under Penny. They play hard. Good defense and they understand what they are trying to do on offense. If we come out unfocused, this team will give us trouble. When Penny gets good players, they are going to be a national power. That makes this Saturday so important to us. Fun fact: Penny Hardaway has never beaten Tennessee as a player. Keep the streak alive as a coach.

    • That 1999 Kentucky win is (I think) the only time I’ve ever stormed the court. As far as the most fun to attend in person for me, off the top of my head the list would include 2010 Kansas, 2006 Kentucky, beating #5 Arkansas (with Mayberry, Day, and Miller) in 1992, and last year’s Georgia game. But it might be topped by this:

      As for games I’ve watched on TV, nothing tops that Memphis game.

  • Tennessee took 72 shots to Gonzaga’s 59, pulled down 16 offensive rebounds and only turned it over seven times. The Zags countered by getting to the free throw line: 19 attempts to Tennessee’s 10, though either […]

    • Boy howdy, that was a great game!

    • I love this team. Not just because they are winning but because they also are really cool young men. Schofield’s answer to the reporter after the game about why he came back for his senior season is what makes this team great to me, “I came back because I wanted to be one of Coach’s favorite players he’s ever had.” These guys are great.

      Oh… and I’ll say it again, “Thanks for Coach Barnes, Texas!”

    • I NEED to hear Bert’s “MONEEEEEYYYYYYY!” call on that final shot like woah.

    • Bert calling Admiral’s open look is great. The bench was dialed in too.

  • Gonzaga will be the third KenPom Top 50 opponent the Vols have faced in their first eight games. But we’re only scheduled to face three others between mid-December and mid-February. Tennessee’s SEC schedule is […]

    • I’ll reserve final judgment until after Sunday, but my sneaking suspicion is that the Vols can be good without Turner, but they can only be elite if Turner is truly back and playing well.

      My concern right now is that his shoulder issues will linger and he’ll never quite be right this year. That puts a lot of pressure on Bone and to some extent Bowden to be on the ball, initiate the offense, and hit perimeter shots to make it easier for Grant and Admiral to operate.

      I’d love to be wrong!

    • Great article, Will. Spent a little time over at The Slipper Still Fits. We have our work cut out for us tomorrow afternoon.

    • I think we are going to see an incredible game tomorrow. I hope that the good guys come out on top in this one!

  • With one more week of coaches visits across the country, Tennessee’s recruiting board for the class of 2019 looks as jumbled as ever.  The staff has been solidifying current commitments while at the same time tr […]

  • Why was the offense so slow in 2018?

    With Tyson Helton moving on as the head coach at Western Kentucky, it becomes a little easier to view his time in Knoxville objectively. We pointed to Tennessee’s pace of […]

    • Freeze (or whoever we hire) doing so well that he gets poached would be a nice problem to have, IMO.

      • In general, I’d agree. But specific to where we are right now and the widely held assumption that Freeze wants to be a head coach again as soon as possible? I’m not convinced a one year rental of Hugh Freeze is a better option than multiple years with some of the other names out there, even without Freeze’s baggage.

        • I’m obviously beyond jaded at this point but we’ve switched offensive coordinators every one or two years for a while now. I just want to see a good offense. If it’ s so good that the guy gets hired away, I can live with that. And I guess I can understand the continuity argument, though it would seem to be debunked in this hypothetical by Freeze (or whoever) coming in and tearing up the league in Year One.

          • I gotta admit, I’m kind of morbidly curious now whether you can get Freeze in for one year and then someone else to give Guarantano the distinction of having 5 different OCs in 5 years. Think that’s ever happened before?

    • At this point, I’d be happy with someone who could draw up plays in the dirt that actually work. A little more creativity than having all of the offense take place in a 5-7 yard box around the line of scrimmage (aside from the 50/50 ball tossup down the sideline) would be refreshing.

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  • The first week of the offseason and contact period was an eventful one across the country and especially for the Vols.  Below we take a look at a few of the emerging storylines and what to look for going […]

  • Through the first six games, we haven’t seen anything from Rick Barnes’ Vols to suggest last year wasn’t the real thing. And despite the pain of an overtime loss to #2 Kansas, there are encouraging signs the Vols […]

  • It’s ridiculous to anoint a high school junior as the savior of a long-dormant program. But, for Tennessee fans needing a future on which to cling with no present to speak of, Thursday’s commitment from Marietta […]

    • Great commitment… just hope we can hold onto him until signing day. The way recruits are flipping and players are transferring I am always nervous until the ink is dry. Go Vols!!

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  • Play-calling is an art.

    Some offensive coordinators have the innate talent to keep defenses on their toes, and others struggle within the framework of a game to sustain unpredictability.

    For first-year […]

    • Oh please not Freeze! What a disastrous choice that would be. His awful behavior would turn off fans, and his lying and high profile scandals will also be a distraction we don’t need. There are plenty of good coaches out there without fishing in the sewer.
      I can’t imagine Fulmer green lighting Freeze.

    • Pete replied 2 weeks ago

      Is there an OC candidate who has recruited a 4* or 5* QB that would consider UT? Seems like we have a need at 2 positions.. QB and OC.

    • Great work as usual, Ghost

  • With Tennessee losing four of their top Defensive Linemen from a unit that struggled with depth and, frankly, talent, adding a large group of talented DL in the class of 2019 is an absolute necessity.  And […]

  • Well, the 2018 season is over after a disappointing final two weeks.  Every Vol fan has known that the talent deficit was real, but in the last two games against Missouri and Vanderbilt – not exactly two po […]

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